10 Amazing Décor Ideas For A Private Jet

They say that decorating the inside of a private jet is a lot like decorating your dream home. Well, in both cases there is scope to go crazy with your imagination and if the budget permits, put in place the ideas too. Studies say clients tend to spend anywhere from a few hundred thousand dollars to around $1.5 million decorating the insides of their jets.

Currently, going with advances in technology and the sharp increase in private jet charter customers, aircraft interior designing is becoming more extravagant, featuring even outlandish things like gold plated toilets. Unlike what you might have assumed the aircraft interior design is a booming business and every day the designs are becoming more larger than life both in terms of materials and technology.

Our research says that people who own charter jets generally choose to opt for a calm and serene ambiance so natural materials and neutral décor are largely popular. You can go green while decorating just about any place but of course as much as you fancy it would not be possible to have a kitchen garden within your jet. The options you have available are artificial plants and artificial flowers. If you enjoy spa time you could decorate the area with artificial flower arrangements or even silk floral arrangements.

Popular trends are leathers, woods, hand stitched or bespoke carpets, chandeliers , aquariums, spas and defense systems. We hear that car, hotel and yacht designers are using their knowledge and expertise to design private jet interiors. While decorating your jet, to achieve the exact effect that you dream of it is not enough if you hire a professional no matter how talented they might be. You need to be absolutely clear about what you want and do a lot of research to know what are the possibilities and the limitations. Just to get you started here are some very basic ideas that work universally.

  1. Aquariums

The best thing about fish tanks is that you can have one of any size that fits the conditions and requirements of your plane. Also a number of studies have shown that spending a few minutes each day watching fish swim in a tank reduces one’s stress levels. Apart from that colored fish can look very beautiful.

  1. Rain style shower

Taking a shower during a long flight can be quite refreshing and a rain style shower head with privacy glass that changes to opaque at the touch of a button will be a most wonderful aesthetic addition to your jet’s interiors.

  1. A Couch

With a little thought you can purchase the perfect couch for your airplane. Think chic… think uber cool… think luxe and you are there. However, comfort is key. The couch could be a great conversation starter but if you can’t curl up on it with your favorite book and a blanket you are better off without it.

  1. King-sized bed

Aboard larger private jets it is actually possible to have a king size bed installed with master suites just as you would find in your home or favorite five-star hotel. Throw in a few soft pillows and a quilt and you will sleep like a baby during your travel.

  1. Comfortable Reclining seats

If you cannot fit in a bed then reclining seats with headrests that can be adjusted, arm rests and lots of leg room are your best bet.  Some jets even have divan seating that becomes a makeshift bed.

  1. Custom Carpet or rug

Custom rugs and bespoke carpets are best suited for a private jet as the expectations about the interiors are beyond what you would find on a first class commercial flight. Make sure you choose something that effortlessly blends with the rest of your décor.

  1. Big screen televisions with Blue-ray player

To break the monotony of a long flight it is good to throw in something that offers you entertainment. A wide screen television means you could binge watch your favorite television series or catch your favorite sport while on the flight. Blue-ray players are fantastic if you are a movie buff. How about throwing in a popcorn vending machine and 3d glasses just for kicks?

  1. Bar

It goes without saying that a well-stocked bar with swanky bar stools et al is an essential feature of a well decorated private jet. Depending on the space available and budget you can choose your theme, décor and tipple.  A lounge-style bar with fancy upholstery, swanky bar stools and lots of cushions will really take things to an alltogether new level.

  1. Dining space

Small and medium jets serve food like sandwich varieties, cold cuts and fruit. Even Champagne, wine, soft drinks and tea or coffee. A bigger aircraft would mean a better-equipped kitchen complete with refrigerators, microwaves and dishwashers. Based on the size of your plane pick a contemporary, minimalist in design dining table and chairs. Proper glassware, china and cutlery should be made available.

  1. Bathtub

What could possibly be more luxe than soaking yourself in the hot tub with fresh smelling bath bombs? Practically speaking a shower is a more ideal option for a plane. However there are people who go all out and install mosaic bathtubs and filled Jacuzzis.

  1. Gym

Over the last five to eight years awareness regarding fitness and health has greatly increased. A good gym is an investment and not an expense.

Well, now you know that this is how the rich and the famous travel. These are the basic additions that you can make to your private plane for a fantastic flying experience.  You can even opt for a Princess/superhero/ movie trivia/ casino kind of theme and do up the entire décor accordingly. The idea behind decorating your plane should not be to exhibit one’s wealth. Instead, it is simply is about being able to do whatever you would do in your home or office while on the plane.

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