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10 Signs That You Need to Work on Your Health

Do you have to be diagnosed with something life-threatening or suffer a heart attack to finally realize that your health isn’t in top form? You really don’t want to get to the point of a serious health scare, so if the tell-tale signs are there, you need to get a clue.

Signs of Poor Health

Your body isn’t going to issue a blaring and flashing red alert as your health slowly deteriorates. It’s going to start out with a small blinking green light. You’ll definitely notice it, but you might be inclined to ignore it since it’s just a minor issue.


A green alert always inevitably escalates to a red alert when not addressed. Don’t wait until you’re battling a grave health crisis before you make life changes to bring balance back into your body.


What are some of the subtle warnings that your body gives out to let you know it needs better TLC?

1.      You’re sickly.

This is actually an obvious sign. If you’re always getting sick, then you’re not healthy. If it seems that your body has made it its mission to catch every virus it’s exposed to, then your immune system is performing poorly. Beware — if it can’t fight off something minor like the cold virus, it’ll be no match against something bigger.

2.      You’re fruit-shaped.

If your body is starting to resemble a pear or an apple, then that means that you’re overweight. You have to be extra leery of the apple shape as this is indicative of a higher risk for heart disease.

3.      You’ve become shorter.

Don’t dismiss it as a problem with inconsistent height rods. It’s possible that you’re getting shorter if you’re not taking care of your bones properly. A half an inch difference could mean that osteoporosis has set in and your bones have started degenerating.

4.      You have sleep issues.

Sleep is essential in letting your body recharge. If you’re sleeping poorly, then your “fight or flight” hormones do not drop at night as they should to allow you to rest and self-repair. You’ll eventually get sick if you don’t improve your nighttime sleep.

5.      You’re always complaining of exhaustion.

Why wouldn’t you be tired after all the things you have to get done in a day, right? However, if you’re always tired, it might be due to more than your hectic schedule. Other graver reasons could be:


  •         Your thyroid isn’t working properly.
  •         Your adrenal glands are stressed.
  •         Your body is overworked protecting itself from toxic exposures.
  •         Your fight or flight hormones are on all the time and your body is constantly doing self-repair in response.

6.      Your urine is dark.

You need to drink a lot of water and frequently go to the bathroom to keep your urine as clear as possible. Urine becomes dark yellow when you’re not well-hydrated. A murkier color could be due to a kidney or liver problem.

7.      Your bowels are irregular.

You have to move your bowels every time you eat. When you’re constipated, then toxins that you should be eliminating may enter your bloodstream and trigger various health issues.


If the color is irregular, then it could be something you ate. Consistently dark poo, however, is particularly worrisome as it could indicate internal bleeding.

8.      You snore.

If you snore with abandon each night, it might be due to sleep apnea, which can increase risk of lung and heart disease.

9.      You itch.

Allergies and skin disorders, the usual causes of itching, are not exactly stalwart beacons of good health, but chronic itching could actually stem from liver disease.


Also, if your skin is always breaking out, it could be telling you that you have a poor diet.

10. You always feel anxious.

If it seems as though you’re predisposed to be anxious, even when there’s no good reason for it, you could be suffering from a hormonal imbalance. This could be caused by hyperthyroidism, adrenal tumors, etc. Mental issues are serious, so chronic anxiety needs to be addressed immediately.

Other Indicators

The above are just 10 of the many ways your body reminds you to take stock of your well-being. Other signs of ill health are:


  •         Cracked lips, especially at the corners of the mouth
  •         Rashes, acne, and other variants of skin outbreaks
  •         Edema or swollen legs
  •         Cravings for ice
  •         Weird wrinkles in unusual places, such as the upper arms
  •         Bad breath

Early Intervention

Your body is clearly looking out for you. All you need to do is to perceive its warnings. Take heed and adopt a healthy lifestyle now. It’s better to diagnose disorders and deficiencies early before they become more serious and irreversible.