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4 Signs You Have Burnout & How to Fix It

One of the perils of modern living is that so much is required of us, as individuals, spouses, parents, employees/business owners, family and social media users. We’re required to be always “on”, perfect and super engaged with the world, sometimes to our own detriment. If we push ourselves in this manner, we could very well end up experiencing an “all systems shut down.”


Think about it: when you have a mobile phone, you don’t expect it to be on all the time. If you use it a lot, the battery runs out and you have to recharge it. We’re no different. If we’re performing too many functions without giving ourselves room to slow down and recharge we will burn out. Burn out is when you become so mentally, physically and emotionally drained that you can barely function.


Burnout is on the rise everywhere. According to CNBC, “Companies are facing an employee burnout crisis: A recent study of nearly 7,500 full-time employees found that 23 percent of employees reported feeling burned out at work very often or always.” This is actually what’s driving the high levels of anxiety and depression in our society.


So how can you tell that you are burning the candle on both ends? Here are some symptoms of burnout and what you can do about it.


You’re Drinking More


A glass of wine after work is one thing, but if you find that you need more and more to relax, it might mean that you’re under a lot of stress. It also means that you might be using alcohol to just get you through. If this sounds familiar, you might be experiencing a breakdown, and it’s time to get help or take a break. Drinking too much isn’t just bad for you and your health, it also puts others at considerable risk.


If this is something you don’t get under control, you might find yourself drunk behind the wheel and cause an accident. According to DUI attorneys Tenn & Tenn, “DUIs don’t just happen to selfish, horrible people. Sometimes all it takes is a normal person to overestimate their ability to drive after having one too many. It can happen to anyone who drinks and drives.”


You Feel Disassociated


Sometimes when life gets too overwhelming the connection between our feelings, thoughts and actions can get a little frazzled. Dissociation is the brain’s way to protect itself, and it does it by numbing itself so that it doesn’t deal with the full brunt of a trauma. Believe it or not, burnout is actually a trauma and if you have moments where you feel disconnected from everything, this is a sign that you need to slow down.


You’re Snappy


Everyone gets irritable from time to time, it’s perfectly normal. But if you’re annoyed all of the time, you might be stressed out and on the edge. Do you find yourself snapping at your spouse, or shouting at people at work? Do you fly off the handle after simple misunderstandings? This should tell you that you’re in crisis.


Everyday Feels Like a Bad Day


Do you wake up every single morning dreading getting out of bed? Does it feel like getting through the day is special brand of torture? Sometimes the biggest sign of an all systems shut down is that your body just doesn’t want to get out of bed. It’s important to learn to listen to your body in these moments, surely, it’s trying to tell you something.


How to Fix It


Take a Break: The first thing you need to do is to stop being on the go! Take time off work, and actually commit to it. Don’t think about deadlines, reports or meetings, just think about you. Get a massage, go for walks on the beach, go for a small holiday or just do a relaxing staycation. Your body is crying out for rest so give it what it wants!


Take a Virtual Break: Being online all the time is also terrible for your health, sometimes you just have to disconnect. Stay away from your phone and laptop and just be on your own for a while. Sometimes we don’t realize how much of our anxiety is driven by social media.


Meditation: Instead of waking up and just rushing into the madness of your schedule, take some quiet time for yourself. Sit in a quiet place and do breathing exercises to help you calm down and let go of any tension you’re carrying in your body.


Prioritize Yourself: When you’re a parent and spouse, the idea of putting yourself first sounds pretty selfish, but it actually isn’t. In order for you to be your best for your loved ones, you actually have to be in a good place with yourself first. It’s impossible to take care of others properly when you aren’t taking care of yourself first. Remember, self-care is actually a huge act of love toward the people who count on you.