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4Twenty – The Health Benefits of Cannabis

Cannabis is a type of plant that is used as a medicinal or recreational drug. This plant-based product is made from stems, leaves, dried flowering tops, and Cannabis sativa seeds. It also has the pleasurable effect of relieving the symptoms of several conditions, such as chronic pain. 

The legality of weed for recreational and medical uses differs from one country to another. This is in terms of their distribution, possession, cultivation, and how they should be consumed. Additionally, it has a variety of ways to be used- either as edible candies, teas, capsules, etc. Check out 4Twenty Cannabis to know other ways weed can be consumed in order to derive the most benefits. 

More so, a good number of states are beginning to legalize cannabis either for recreational or medicinal purposes, and the effect has been great. The legalization of weed has created a growing industry for legitimate cannabis businesses. This includes those whose aim is to analyze and improve weed-based medicinal products. Among them are also those who are just about the distribution and the growth of marijuana plants, and a lot more. 

A higher percent of states in the United States have passed laws on medical marijuana. Specific quantities of weed for recreational purposes are also legalized in sixteen states. 

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How Cannabinoid Works

Naturally, the human body produces several cannabinoids through the endocannabinoid system. They are similar to neurotransmitters, transmitting messages via the whole nervous system. The brain region that is responsible for thinking, memory, concentration, coordination, movement, pleasure, time, and sensory perception, is affected by the neurotransmitters.

The brain and other receptors that react to these cannabinoids also respond to Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and other cannabinoids. By this, any outside source that affects the cannabinoids can disrupt and change normal brain function.

THC tends to affect the region of the brain that controls the following: 

  • Attention and memory balance, 
  • Trusted Source behavior, and coordination response time.

Because of these effects, one should avoid driving a car, controlling hefty machinery or getting involved in risky activities after consuming marijuana.

It stimulates certain cannabinoid receptors which may increase the release of dopamine – a neurotransmitter responsible for pleasurable feelings.

THC also affects sensory perception which may make things seem the opposite of what they actually are.

How Cannabis Can Be Used

There are various ways to consume weed, below are the common ways: 

  • Vaping or smoking it.
  • Concocting it as Tea.
  • Eating it raw in the form of brownies.
  • Applying as a local treatment.
  • Consuming as supplements or capsules.

Some ingredients in marijuana are mind-altering (psychoactive) but others aren’t. The strength and balance of the ingredients differ based on how the manufacturer or producer grows and refines the plants.


Other effects that follow the use of cannabis are as follows:

  • A euphoric or an elated feeling referred to as high.
  • Increase in appetite.
  • Disrupted perception e.g., of space, time, and color.
  • Prone to talking more. Etc.

Medical Uses

According to National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine (NASEM), there was a piece of unmistakable evidence that cannabinoids can aid in managing the following:

  • Adults chronic pain.
  • Chemotherapy treatment reactions like nausea and vomiting. 
  • Multiple sclerosis symptoms.
  • Sleep problems, pertaining to sleep fibromyalgia, apnea, multiple sclerosis, and chronic pain.

Additionally, there are other conditions that weed may be helpful for such as Tourette’s syndrome, low appetite, anxiety, etc.

See this article for more medical benefits of marijuana.

Uses And Effects

These are various ways you can use cannabis that will determine the effect afterwards:

Inhaling And Smoking

You can experience a feeling of elation within minutes. This feeling can wear off after about two hours.


Consuming cannabis products orally can make you feel the effect within an hour. The sensations will increase after about two to three hours.


Transdermal implants or patches enable the ingredients to penetrate the body for a long period. This steady infusion helps people who use weed to treat inflammation and pain.


There’s a huge pushback against the idea of legalizing weed across the states simply because it connotes a change to the status quo. All the reasons sum up to decrease the possibility that weed will get legalized at a national level anytime soon. Nevertheless, given its benefits, there will be various reasons to consider nationwide legalization due to the positive factors discussed in this article. However, try to only take it as prescribed by your doctor. 

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