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5 Basics Of HCG Diet Every Newbie Must Know

If you have been looking for a way to shave off your excess weight, then you may have come across the HCG diet plan. This program is aimed at burning off the excess fat in your body by restricting your daily calorie consumption. And below, we will look at the five basic things of the HCG diet that every newbie must know about.

Starting Out

When starting out, you will have a two-day ‘loading phase’ where you will have the full freedom to eat whatever food you want. Any type of meals, no matter how fatty or overloaded with sugar, is allowed. This will help your body pack up the fats that will ensure that you will be able to complete the program. From the third day onwards, you will start your 500-calorie per day diet.  The initial few days might be rocky and you can feel intense hunger pangs. But if you can see it through, then the rest of the diet should be much easy to see through even though you are only consuming the same amount of calories.

Approved Foods

During the diet, there are certain food items that are recommended by the HCG protocol. Ideally, you should stick with making your meal out of those approved foods. The list has been created after much research and observation. Therefore, you will be better off following the food list as religiously as possible. And as a reward, you can expect to drop about 3 pounds per week on an average.

Hormonal Injections

You will be required to take in some hormonal injections while on the diet. These HCG injections are what boosts your fat burn rate, helping you lose the excess weight you have been carrying around. Now, do make sure that you only use genuine and proven HCG shots instead of the numerous cheap ones floating in the market. This article will help you to know more about homeopathic and regular HCG hormones.

Side Effects

Be aware of the fact that you will face some side effects during the course of the diet program. For example, some people might feel constipated due to the low-calorie diet they are living on. A few other might experience increased hair fall. But understand that these are only temporary effects. Once you are done with the HCG diet, you will return back to normalcy and you won’t have to face any such situations. Knowing about such side effects will help you mentally prepare for it so that when you do experience it, you don’t get freaked out and ditch the program midway.

Post HCG

The HCG diet does make you eat fewer calories during its period. But does that mean that you can eat whatever you want once the diet is over? No, definitely not. When you complete the HCG program, you will have lost a lot of weight. But if you wish to maintain your new shape and ensure that you never again pack on weight, then you should follow a strict diet that will help you do so. However, you won’t have to limit yourself to eating just 500 calories per day. Just focus on a low-fat, low-sugar, high-nutrient diet and you should do fine.