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5 Clever Ways To Upgrade Your Immune System

Staying active and healthy throughout the year is always a challenge. When the weather changes, or flu season arrives, you may get sick at least one time. Some people get sick even more often, and it can become quite problematic. While none of these immune conditions is going to prove fatal or terribly serious, they can disrupt your daily routine in a big way. If you want to keep living your life without worrying about getting sick, you may want to look at some ways to boost your immune system. Here are five immune system upgrades that will help you:


A study was conducted in 2014 to test how garlic impacts our immune system. One group was consuming garlic daily, while the other group got a placebo. The garlic group was said to have one third of flu sufferers, as compared to those in the placebo group. So add some garlic to your next pasta dish.

If you hate eating garlic in your food, you can always take garlic extract to compensate. This will ensure you are getting all the health benefits without any of that overpowering flavor!


First of all, honey is delicious, so adding it to your diet is easy! Just add some honey to your next cup of tea, or your morning cereal for a splash of sweetness. Honey is ideal for helping your skin, because that is where infections can start to compromise your body. Honey has properties of wound-healing, and it is also antimicrobial. These two properties ensure that any skin breakouts you suffer will be nipped in the bud when you are regularly consuming honey.


Not only are the cannabinoids in cannabis great for relieving pain, but they can help boost your immune system throughout the year. And you do not need to smoke marijuana to get this impact. You can use CBD oil, which is completely natural and legal, to help your immune system. Here is a great guide for buying CBD for the first time:

If you are purchasing CBD oil, ensure you are buying from a site where you get a 100 percent natural and organic substance. Some sites will cut CBD oil with other oils, but those extracts are not as beneficial for your health!

Tea Tree Oil

With tea tree oil, you are getting antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. It is also an antiseptic substance. It is great for ensuring your skin is in good shape, and for avoiding infections. Those who suffer acne or in-grown hairs can also use tea tree oil for those purposes!


When your gut is in good shape, you are not going to feel flu symptoms very much. That is why probiotics are so useful to boost your immune system. Studies show that you need a certain type of microbiota in your gut if you want to properly boost your immune system. So if you are combining probiotics with other immune system-boosting substances, you will be in great shape!