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5 Magical Foods to Attain Quicker Weight Loss

how to eat more veggies and fruits

Quicker weight loss by putting in lesser efforts sounds like a dream! Most of the people leave their weight loss aspirations midway because of slow or no satisfactory results. Weight loss is not only required to look good but it also plays a vital role in maintaining the fitness and keeping you energetic. Obesity brings along many other diseases that would badly affect the quality of life. You can now lose weight magically without putting in hours of hard work and sweating in gym. Below are some simple but magical foods that have worked wonders in cutting down stubborn fat.


Green smoothie that contains coriander is gaining popularity due to its low calorie content and high nutritional value. Weight loss experts have also found coriander to be beneficial in reducing fat content magically in just few days. Coriander, also known as cilantro is used in variety of foods as garnish and has also found place in many natural medicines. It cleanses your body and gut of toxins. This will eventually lead to weight loss.



Tip – Mix coriander with water and put it in blender to prepare coriander juice. Drink one glass of coriander juice daily for few days to see magical results. Club it with mint, cinnamon, or lemon to bring variety to the drink.


Cinnamon has many applications other than weight loss. It regulates blood sugar level and cholesterol level for healthy body and soul. It becomes easier to indulge into different types of workout and diet when you are feeling healthy otherwise. Cinnamon powder can be consumed along with honey or you can prepare cinnamon tea to enjoy the healthy brew.



Tip – Brew cinnamon tea by boiling a cup of water along with cinnamon powder and cinnamon stick. Sip it in the morning or at night for maximum results.

Ginger and Lemon

Ginger and lemon make perfect weight loss combination. Those aiming for weight loss can benefit by ginger and lemon separately as well but the combination works like a magic. Both ginger and lemon detoxify your body, cut down fat, and aid digestion. Combination of these two ingredients may work wonders for weight loss aspirants.



Tip – Consume ginger lemon tea prepared by adding ginger and lemon to boiling water. First add ginger to boiling hot water and let it sit for 5 minutes, later add lemon to it and sip. Ginger-Lemon infused water is also good drink to sip during the day.

Black Pepper and Turmeric

Black pepper is the instant taste enhancer. It aids digestion and also makes the food spicy without adding too much of spices. You can add black pepper to steamed vegetables and it instantly lifts the taste. Turmeric on other hand increases metabolism to ensure faster weight loss. Turmeric and black pepper together would work as the perfect weight loss mix. Black pepper increases the bio-availability of turmeric and makes it more effective.



Tip – Mix a pinch of black pepper powder with pinch of turmeric. Add honey to it to provide a mixing medium. Take this mix twice a day for satisfactory results.

Bottle Gourd

Bottle gourd is rich in fiber and water. Consuming bottle gourd juice for weight loss would keep you fuller for longer time and would also provide your body with much needed nutrients. Having bottle gourd juice as the first thing in the morning would jump start your day with much needed nutrition, water, and fiber. Fullness in stomach would keep you away from junk.



Tip – Peel the bottle gourd and juice it up in juicer. You can also prepare the juice in blender by mixing bottle gourd and water.

Above five foods and food combinations would make your weight loss target achievable in short time without indulging into hefty workout routine.

Author Bio:

Karishma is professional blogger and health enthusiast, who loves to share her knowledge about health and fitness through her blogs. Her love for trying out different diet plans and weight loss strategies reflects in her write-ups. She occasionally contributes her write-ups for Nutra Pure HCG, online portal dealing in homeopathic HCG drops for weight loss.