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5 Reasons why it is so hard to lose weight and to keep it off

It obviously feels terrible working really hard and not getting any results regardless of the endeavor. However, I think some terrible feelings are more equal than others such as working out, dieting and not losing weight. It’s painful because it’s there to be seen and you can confirm it every minute of your life.

Losing weight is a universal issue costing many people tons of cash in pills, weight loss gear, exercising gear, equipment, professional advice and diet recommendations among others. However, sometimes it never pays off because the problem isn’t with your gym instructor or your exercising routine but biology, some bad decisions, and extremely lovely lifestyle traps. If you are wondering why you are doing everything in the book, but your weight keeps on coming back, here are some of the reasons as to why it may happen.

The alcohol

There’s obviously nothing wrong with linking up with friends over a drink in your local pub or a glass of wine to unwind. However, habitual drinking is a big issue if you are struggling with weight loss. First of all, some of these drinks themselves have high calories such as cocktails which may have up to 400 calories. A glass of wine would contribute approximately 120 calories to your weight loss issue.

Alcohol also encourages uncontrolled eating and speeds up digestion. Moreover, alcohol has a huge impact on fat metabolism. In this regard, you might want to consider removing some meals from your diet to compensate for the calories provided by alcohol if you are going to drink a few beers, shots or wine during the weekend. Sounds, nice? However, the problem is that you cannot be very accurate when it comes to doing the calorie count.

The change in metabolic needs

We can view weight loss as a double-edged sword as it dictates your metabolism. If you were to lose weight today, you would obviously need less calorie intake in the future. However, most people continue eating the same amount of food they used to eat before losing weight making it easy for the body to regain weight very quickly.

Ideally, you should reduce the amount of food you take once you lose a couple of pounds. Reducing the food intake allows the body to adjust to the new norm and supply only the required energy to the body. Basically, the lesser your weight, the lesser the calories required to maintain your body.

The unrealistic expectations

When it comes to weight loss, some people expect to lose too much weight in a very short time. However, you need to allow your body to adjust gradually and put in place realistic expectations. In most cases, people will try to lose more kilos in a week than they can gain which is unrealistic. To get the right kilos you can lose for a specific exercise routine, please talk to your doctor on the issue, and they will give you realistic expectations and plans.

The high survival instinct

One reason as to why you might not be seeing any changes in your body even after doing the best in regards to dieting and exercise is the fact that our bodies are hard-wired to survive and fight hunger. In essence, hunger resembled draught in the olden days, and so the body had to adapt to the conditions by storing its own food for future use. In this regard, weight loss wasn’t a desirable thing, and it signified problems to come and the only way to fight the problem was through fat storage. If you try to starve yourself, you might end up sending the same message to the body allowing for more fat deposits.

The body’s adaptation

As mentioned above, the body naturally has its own mechanisms to ensure it survives any problems. In this regard, when you introduce your body to vigorous exercises, it somehow adapts to them so, in the end, they become ineffective. In this regard, you want to ensure that you come up with new exercise ideas so that your body doesn’t end up adapting to your routine making your exercises useless. There are also instances where supplementation helps when you are struggling to lose weight. Some well-known natural supplements from several companies introduces effective products crucial in aiding you in your quest to a leaner physique.


Having a disciplined diet and workouts that force you to take pain relievers or supplements with anti-inflammatory effects for your aching muscles, are all worthless if you do not understand how your own body works.  If you want to lose weight permanently, then you need to be very keen and get to know every little problem that might end up messing up a long time’s work.