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7 Benefits That Prove LASIK Surgery is For Everybody

Everyone who wears spectacles knows the sense of freedom that one gets without them. Some opt for the alternative option of wearing contact lenses to avoid the burden of wearing glasses.

With developments in technology, you can completely free yourself from any visual aid, thanks to LASIK. People around the world have welcomed this model as it is proven to be safe and pain-free. But what is LASIK? Let’s figure it out.

LASIK, which is the abbreviated form of laser in-situ keratomileusis, is a form of eye surgery to correct vision. It is used to correct vision anomalies that range from nearsighted, farsighted to people who have astigmatism.

The surgical procedure makes use of a LASER to reshape the cornea, the front part of the eye, so that light which is travelling through the eye is focussed correctly on the retina.

LASIK surgery offers a host of benefits for the average glasses wearer. If you have been wearing glasses for a long time take a look at the benefits of  LASIK:

Quick Surgery Time

Most LASIK surgeries are quick and usually done within 10-15 minutes for both eyes. You don’t have to lie down on the operation table for hours or undergo intense procedures. The Laser beam used in LASIK does the job quickly and gives you a lifetime of clear vision.


Lasik surgery is as effective and painless as Selective Laser Trabeculoplasty.  So there is no need to worry about the pain associated with it.

Fast Results and Quick Recovery

Since this surgery does not involve any stitch or bandage, therefore, the post-surgery recovery time is quick, and you get to see fast results. You don’t have to worry about complications arising out of the surgery. Just some mild irritation due to pollutants is all that you experience. These effects only last for a couple of days.

Risk-Free and Carefree

The advancements in LASIK have eliminated most of the risks and there is no scope of vision impairment. Similar to SLT treatment, which is simple, quick and easy, there is no postoperative care that you have to take after the LASIK surgery is over.

Save Money in The Future

Initially, LASIK may seem like a costly affair, as the procedure itself is a bit on the expensive side of things. However, in the long run, you are sure to save thousands of dollars that would have gone towards buying frames, lenses and contact lenses. LASIK is a one-time treatment that offers a solution for the lifetime.

Enhanced Lifestyle and Increase in Self-Confidence

There are endless lifestyle benefits associated with LASIK. You’ll no longer be conscious about wearing bulky frames or constantly pushing your glasses up and down your nose.

Another significant benefit you get with LASIK is the freedom to travel without the hassle of carrying and caring for glasses and contacts.

Permanent Solution and Complete Satisfaction

LASIK surgery is a permanent solution to your impaired vision, and there is no follow up required after the surgery. So you don’t have to revisit your doctor and spend more of your valuable time.

If you are thinking about correcting your vision permanently, then it’s best to schedule your consultation with a certified ophthalmologist to ascertain if LASIK is a suitable option for you.