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7 Fantastic and Easy Ways to Lose Weight While Doing Household Chores

You need to maintain your home so that it is always welcoming to you and your family. However, cleaning the home can take a lot of time, and it is also tiring. The fact that it is a regular process makes it more boring. We know it’s annoying to clean your home and regularly when you can’t even tell how it gets dirty quickly. 

If you need more motivation to keep your home squeaky clean, here is an interesting reason why you should continue to complete your household chores, no matter how boring and tiring it is. Do you know that doing your household chores can help you lose weight? Well, let’s see how completing these tasks can burn body fat. 

Squat to get things done

There are many chores that will require that you bend. You need to bend down to get things from the lower drawers and cabinets, the lower part of your fridge, or your washing machine. Squat instead of bending down and hold the squat position for a few seconds. You will be toning your legs, hips, and butts if you do this regularly. Another great thing that can help you with cleaning your house is this article about dyson v7 vs v8. Check it out.


If you want to burn some calories while cleaning the dishes, it is time to ditch your dishwasher. Scrubbing the dishes clean with your fingers works on both fingers and arms. You can also add some dance steps. When you do these, you will be keeping your hands and arms in shape. 

Cleaning the top drawers and ceiling fans

Fans and top drawers attract a lot of dust; it is amazing how dirty they can get even though they are far above. You can use the cleaning time to burn some calories. Step on a high platform such as a chair. When you are cleaning, raise and stretch one leg. Maintain that position for as long as you can. Change the leg after some time. You will be working on your legs and arms with this activity. Additionally, you can visit to know more about modern cleaning tips.

Scrubbing the floor 

Get on all fours to clean the floor. Use the opportunity to do a deep squat. Mopping the floor by hand alone burns up to 190 calories.


When you are vacuuming your carpet or whole house, squeeze your abdominal and buttocks muscle. This works on your stomach and buttocks muscle, thereby toning it. Vacuuming your house can burn up to 90 calories. 

Cooking dinner

Put in some cool music while you cook and then dance while cooking. This does not only burn calories; but it also makes cooking fun. 

Quicken your pace 

Whatever you are doing, quicken your space. Take to steps at a time when you are carrying your laundry or grocery up. Sweep or mop. When it is time to organize the kids’ toys or their room in general, do it as if you compete with someone. When you do things at a faster pace, you will be working out almost every part of your body. Try to incorporate other workout routines into your cleaning schedules and burn some calories.