Adidas Releases Avengers “Heroes Among Us” Sneaker Collection

Adidas fans are excited about the latest Marvel and Adidas collaboration. The new “Heroes Among Us” sneaker collection have six unique limited edition footwear designs inspired by the record-breaking Avengers: Endgame. Find the best Adidas deals in the AU for these Marvel collectible sneakers before they turn to dust.


Real Super Hero Inspired

The new “Heroes Among Us” footwear are inspired by real-life superstars like WNBA and NBA athletes like Candace Parker, James Harden, Damian Lillard, Tracy McGrady, and John Wall. These hot Avengers shoes for adults combined the strength and power of these professional basketball players with the unique style of some of our favorite Avengers like Iron Man and Captain Marvel.


Avengers End Game Premiere

Not leaving anything up to chance, Adidas scheduled the launch for “Heroes Among Us” with the premiere of the blockbuster Avengers: Endgame. Along with the Avengers sneaker collection, the company launched artist Jen Bartel’s unique AM4 Captain Marvel footwear and her AM4 Thanos design debut. Rock the hot fashion trend when you go to see the last Marvel Avengers game.


Favorite Superheroes

Each of the new collection showcases the colors and powers of unique superheroes: Black Panther, Captain Marvel, Nicky Fury, Captain America, and more. The Iron Man inspired sneaker has a sleek red and yellow design. An intricate pattern reminiscent of Iron Man’s suit lines the shoe. Jen Bartel’s AM4 Captain Marvel sneakers are both trendy and a throwback to the traditional Captain Marvel costume. The shoe has a unique galaxy design and the iconic red, gold, and blue colors. A gold star lines the outside of the shoe.


Made for basketball players the world over, the Black Panther shoes are ideal for playing a tight game of ball and conquering the universe. They have flexible cushioning and intricate designs inspired by the characters. The Black Panther Adidas shoe, while not made of vibranium, will give you power on the court. The all-black shoe with purple design is designed for quick moves and changing directions quickly.


Even Super Villains Are Trendy

Jen Bartel’s trendy Thanos shoes have a rainbow of colors. The traditional Adidas stripes are accentuated with graphic lines and colorful blue and yellow. Six colorful dots, representing the Infinity Stones, line the shoe’s design. These are great shoes for anyone on the go that truly want to break the world.


Thor Goes Classic

Not to be outdone, the Thor sneaker is a throwback to the old classic basketball shoe but is built for agility and quick responsiveness on the courts. They have additional support and comfort with a herringbone outsole. The gray and red design is simple and unparalleled. Enjoy extra grip with these unique shoes.


If you love the Avengers and love Adidas, then you have found the perfect union in these incredible and stylish sneakers. Find your own adventure with Marvel’s latest collaboration. You will feel the power and strength of your favorite superheroes with every step on the court.




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