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Answering All the Common Questions about Sex during Pregnancy

One of the most common questions posed by first-time parents is whether it’s safe to have sex during pregnancy. A woman’s body and mental state undergo so many changes when they are pregnant. Therefore, it’s no surprise that couples try to exercise caution due to fear of harming both the baby and mother. These concerns can affect a couple’s intimacy; that’s why it’s essential to see a specialist to put these worries to rest. If you and your partner are struggling and are not sure how to go about the pregnancy, you should reach out to Dr. Kumar, an experienced physician offering highly customized Port St. Lucie, FL sexual medicine services.

Is It Safe to Have Sex When Pregnant?

Yes, it is. Sex during any stage of a healthy and normal pregnancy is completely safe. However, particular medical conditions result in high-risk pregnancies, which will require couples to abstain either temporarily or during the whole pregnancy term.

Some of these conditions include:

  • Cervical issues- Some women experience early dilation. Therefore, having sex could result in premature labor
  • Previous history of miscarriage- Your doctor will advise you to refrain from sex if you have had a miscarriage before. This is because the oxytocin and prostaglandins produced during sex could stimulate contractions.
  • Vaginal leaks- You should immediately call your doctor if you notice leaking, this is because the wall supporting your baby may have ruptured. You should avoid sex to minimize the risk of infection
  • Placenta previa- When the cervix gets covered by the placenta, having sex could result in bleeding as well as placenta disruption
  • STD/STI- STDs such as syphilis and gonorrhea increase the chances of stillbirth and miscarriage. Couples should, therefore, refrain from sex until it’s treated.

Is It Normal to Feel Pain When Having Sex?

Sex should typically be enjoyable during pregnancy. If this is not the case, then it’s probably because of the sex positions. You should avoid positions that pull the baby’s weight on you. Some of the recommended positions include spooning, standing, or having your partner behind.

Oral sex is safe as long as the partner does not blow air into the vagina as this can result in an air embolism. Also, you might experience cramps after sex, but this shouldn’t worry you. However, if this cramping is associated with bleeding, then you need to call your doctor immediately.

No Interest in Sexual Intimacy During Pregnancy. Is this normal?

A pregnant woman goes through a range of emotions that may affect their interest in sex. The most common reason for this lack of interest is the feeling of unattractiveness due to the physical changes such as stretch marks, protruding belly, and weight gain.

Additionally, the pressure and worry of becoming parents, as well as nausea and fatigue make it difficult for some women to have sex.

Benefits of Sex During Pregnancy

  • Relaxed labor and recovery- Having sexual orgasms helps to strengthen your muscles making it easier to push during labor
  • Reduces incontinence- Sex improves your urine flow by strengthening your pelvic floor muscles
  • Less stress- The oxytocin produced during sex helps to reduce stress levels and also enhances the bond between partners

Sex poses no risk as long as you are having a healthy pregnancy.  However, it’s completely normal to have concerns, and that is why you should reach out to an experienced physician. Dr. Kumar and his team from LifeWell M.D. offer compassionate care to all their clients to ensure their overall wellness.


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