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Are the baby wipes being used on your baby safe enough?

Our babies initially are just too wound up in their endless cycle of happiness that starts with eating and ends with pooping. Regardless of how joyful this task seems to babies, it definitely is endless when it repeats itself in every 3 hours. After multiple uses of baby wipes throughout the day safety of those baby wipes become a major concern.

Baby wipes, starting from the bottom of babies conveniently are used on every body part which needs some sort of cleaning.

But, how safe are they?

Most significant reason for worrying that arises from these wipes are :

.   Potential  Irritancy

.   Contact allergic reaction

.    Potential  Irritancy

When baby wipes are used several times in a day they can cause huge irritation that can harm the highly sensitive skin area of babies, where they are applied. However, there’s nothing to worry regarding these irritated skin, as to avoid it, just apply some ointment after you are done changing their dirty diaper.

The ointment can act as an excellent physical wall for babies against dirt of pee and poop. Baby wipes are manufactured in different varieties, which can lead to multiple different answers for the question regarding the safety of those wipes.

Almost every disposable baby wipe comes along with some chemical preservative in them as even they are necessary. The sound of chemicals in those wipes might make you reluctant to use it on the soft and the sensitive skin of your babies.

Even though doctors have given a green signal to these wipes, some would still want to know about few alternatives that would work. A very simple way you can clean your baby’s dirty area is by a warm towel which you will need to pat gently on the dirty skin and wipe it clean.

Contact allergic reaction

The most basic reason that this physical contact allergic reaction even happens in the first place is because of continued exposure to certain ingredients. Baby wipes as mentioned above have some chemical preservatives in them. The only reason these preservatives are present in these wipes is to avoid any growth of any kind of bacteria or mold.

Now, slowly with the repetitive use of wipes, the skin (where the immune system of our body starts) becomes allergic to these specific ingredients. These are the reason for the allergic reaction.

Despite the importance of these preservatives in preventing any bacterial formation, they are the primary reason for Contact allergies.  According to a study in Pediatrics in 2014, one of the most commonly used preservative, Methylisothiazolinone, was discovered as the most common reason for these contact allergic reactions.

Methylisothiazolinone has caused a huge debate over the safety of these wipes, according to the controversy: increased use of baby wipes can just keep on increasing the chances of reaction from methylisothiazolinone. The goal of the controversy is to replace the use of these harmful chemicals in top brands with a very natural alternative.

Even though the chances of allergic reactions because of these wipes are very rare, we still should take great care of our babies against these ingredients. Awareness can help a great deal in reducing the impact of any harmful effect of these wipes. 

So, basically, problems with baby wipes are not as common. However, you can always put some ointment just as a precautionary measure to avoid any chances of allergies. You should also avoid using these wipes to clean any parts of the body other than diaper changes.

Hope this helps in sorting out all your concerns regarding the safety of the baby wipes.