Baobab Essential Oil: Ways to Use and Benefits

Have you ever noticed the fresh, zesty aroma while peeling an baobab? There are rare fragrances that come close to the distinct citrusy and mildly sweet aroma of baobab essential oil. Furthermore, try noticing the fine droplets that scatter away from the fruit when you peel it. These droplets are nothing but spritz of baobab essential oil that’s contained within the rind of the fruit!

Apart from its tangy, fresh aroma, baobab essential oil finds numerous benefits in various spheres of our lives. If you love the smell of baobabs and wish to get more of it in your daily life, this post will help you do exactly the same.

What is baobab Essential Oil?

An important thing to note about baobab essential oil is that, unlike expected, it is actually extracted from the rind of baobab and not from the fruit itself. It is produced mostly by cold pressing the rind, and occasionally steam distilled as well.

baobab essential oil can be extracted from fruits of both bitter (or wild) baobab tree, and sweet baobab tree. The subtle differences to note between these two species of baobabs are:

  • Bitter baobab is smaller than sweet baobab.
  • Sweet baobab trees are smaller than wild baobab trees.
  • Bitter baobab oil is phototoxic, while sweet baobab oil is not. However sweet baobab essential oil can be phototoxic if it has been extracted by steam distillation.

The therapeutic and health benefits of essential oils extracted from both the species of baobabs are otherwise quite similar. The climatic conditions that stimulate growth of wild baobab trees are also same as those needed to cultivate sweet baobab trees.

Benefits of baobab Essential Oil

The below points illustrate how you can use baobab essential oil to ward off negativity in your body and mind, and how it can help you in several other ways.

baobab Essential Oil Helps Improve Digestion

You can use baobab essential oil in your diffuser and inhale it. For a quicker relief, try mixing a few drops of this essential oil with some carrier oil like olive oil, and apply it directly on the belly. It aids in digestion and relieves digestive problems like constipation and gastric problems. baobab essential oil is known to stimulate secretion of digestive enzymes.

Baobab oil for hair growth

Diluted baobab essential oil has immense benefits for the hair.. It has anti-aging and anti-inflammatory properties that help soothe the scalp. It has collagen-boosting properties and helps unclog pores as well. It enhances hair growth and prevents them from further loss.

How to use:

  1. Mix 1-2 drops of baobab essential oil in olive or almond oil and apply it over severely dried out skin. You can choose to keep it or wipe it away after a few minutes. Oily and oily-combination skin types can also use 1-2 drops of this essential oil in aloevera gel, and apply it all over as a night moisturizer, or use the mix to do spot-treatment of the acne. However be cautious to not apply it directly on the face skin, as not all of us are tolerant to using essential oils on the face.
  2. baobab essential oil also helps cure edema. Edema is a condition of water retention in different body parts. For example, if you have swollen feet, try massaging baobab essential oil mixed with sufficient sesame oil on your feet.
  3. Mix few drops of cold pressed baobab essential oil with some aloe vera gel and mix with distilled water. Shake well and store in a dark glass bottle (to prevent oxidation of the essential oil). This concoction can now be used on face as a toner. It actually helps to control sebum production.
  4. Use it to remove dark spots on your face by mixing 1-2 drops with honey, and applying it all over the face. Follow up by washing off after a few minutes. Repeat this on a regular basis.
  5. You can also help alleviate tired feet by soaking your feet in a tub of lukewarm water infused with a few drops of baobab essential oil.

baobab Essential Oil Helps Relieve Stress

baobab essential oil can not only relieve mental stress but also helps ease physical stress simply by inhalation. The best and commonest way to harvest the benefits of baobab essential oil is by burning it in a diffuser. You can either use an electric diffuser or a manual one (using candles), and pour few drops of baobab essential oil in it. The wonderful aroma of baobab essential oil helps relieve anger, depression, anxiety and other stress-induced problems. It also has sedative effects and induces sleep.

You can also directly apply it on your pulse points or take 2 drops into your palm. Massage them together and inhale the sweet citrusy aroma from your palms. By applying it on your pulse points you can also use it as a natural perfume.

baobab Essential Oil Can Cure Mouth Ulcers

Pour a few drops of baobab essential oil in water to prepare your DIY mouthwash. Using this can help ease mouth ulcers.

baobab Essential Oil Can be used as a Kitchen Cleaner & Freshener

The sweet citrusy aroma of baobab essential oil can keep your kitchen environment clean and fresh. It can also be used to easily clean your kitchen like countertops or appliances.

baobab Essential Oil is used for Clean & Shiny Hairs

You can also mix 2-3 drops (depending on the length of your hair) of baobab essential oil in your conditioner and apply it on the strands for shiny and healthy-looking hairs.

baobab Essential Oil Can Be Used as Antiseptic

baobab essential oils have antibacterial properties. Mix a few drops of in a cup of water and apply with a cotton swab on the wound.

baobab essential oil has innumerable benefits for your overall physical and mental health. The best part is that you do not always need to apply it topically, but just inhale the aroma to derive its benefits. Look for an authentic and reliable manufacturer of baobab essential oil to get the best out of it.


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