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Beginner’s Guide to MMA Gear and Fighting Equipment

Many people who are just getting into the world of MMA seem to think that, for the most part, all MMA training gear is the same. That flawed way of thinking is entirely inaccurate. In fact, MMA gear actually has a ton of uniquely, individualized characteristics, from sizes to styles to overall durability, there are a ton of things that you should take into consideration when it comes to opting to narrow down and ultimately select your fighting equipment.

Trying to figure out what fight gear is going to be the best for your personal needs and desires may prove to be a little overwhelming. However, when you forth a little effort, you can be sure that you will find that narrowing down your options is much easier than you think. Here, we will be exploring some of the top things that you should look for when you start your search for MMA gear.


As is the case with pretty much anything you seek to invest, you get what you pay for, and some brands are plain and simply just made of better quality. If you are new to purchasing MMA gear, be sure to put in some research prior to just buying the first thing that you like or fits your budget. Check out reviews, talk to fellow fighters, etc., the more work you put forth with regards to trying to narrow down which brands are of the best quality, the more money you will end up saving in the long run.


One of the best things about picking out MMA gear is that there are a ton of options available in terms of colors and styles nowadays. The options really are endless. While this may not seem so awesome as there is already so much to consider, this actually can open up a ton of options for you once you narrow down the best brand. Narrow down a legit brand, then pick out what you like, it’s that simple.


Material is something that you will certainly want to consider when it comes to narrowing down some of your options for your MMA gear. Some of the most common options you will run into are cotton and polyester (or a blend of them both) and vinyl vs leather. While they all certainly have the benefits and drawbacks, you are going to want to do some research on what exactly the benefits and drawbacks are in terms of thickness, coverage, reliability, durability, and overall comfort. When it comes down to it, what material you choose overall is mainly depending on your personal taste and preference.


Size is pretty apparent when it comes to choosing your MMA gear. However, if you are new to fighting and picking out your gear, there are some things that you will want to consider. For instance, when it comes to picking out your sparring gear and your uniform, you are going to want to pick items that are not too loose or too tight. You should be able to comfortably move and roll when needed without any type of restraint or other hindrances. Be sure to also read MMA Gear Addict reviews about sizing as often sizing charts aren’t always the most accurate.


One thing that people all too often overlook is the weight of the gear that you are interested in. Various styles of martial arts gear can range significantly in the weight. For instance, if you are into Judo, you should keep in mind that uniforms are usually comprised of a more heavy cotton blend, whereas karate gi’s are usually really light to allow for increase in breathability and ease in your range of movement. The same is true with boxing gloves, if you are looking to work the speed bag you are going to want to opt for 10 oz gloves as opposed to the more heavy 16 oz glove.

As previously stated, there are a ton of options when it comes to narrowing down your selection of MMA gear. But with a bit of research and some dedication, you can be sure to walk into the gym with some gear that not only looks great, but also is super durable and ready to stand up to any challenge you put it through.

Be sure to always read and check out online reviews first and foremost, as this is always going to be one of your best options for finding some honest, open answers to any questions that you may have about the item. People who have actually tried the item out can definitely provide you with some reliable opinions and if the item is going to be a good fit for what you’re searching for.

If you are still a bit lost with regards to anything in particular, then always reach out to members of your gym or dojo, even if they haven’t tried the exact item out, they can still off you some great advice as to if it will or won’t work out, and what some other options may be.


Amy Koller is a published freelance writer and blogger. She enjoys hiking, keeping up with all things martial arts and healthy living related, taking her kid to karate practice and catching up on the latest MMA action.