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Benefits of Not Drinking: 5 Irrefutable Reasons to Put Down the Booze

Around 70 percent of adults in America drink on a yearly basis. For some people, drinking brings negative impacts into their life.

If you are one of those people, putting down the alcohol may help improve your life.

Here are 5 benefits of not drinking.

1. Getting Rid of Those Hangovers

Arguably one of the worst parts of drinking can be the hangovers you have the next day.

Getting drunk one day means that you probably will wake up with a huge headache and a sensitivity to pretty much everything.

Eliminating that day after headache may be the key to you gaining more productivity throughout your life.

2. Saving Money

Drinking can become an expensive hobby. This is especially true if you decide to drink outside of your home at a bar or a club.

That combined with how frequently you drink and what you drink can make your monthly drinking budget skyrocket into possibly hundreds of dollars a month.

If you are able to completely stop drinking, you would have that cash back in your wallet to spend on bills or anything else you want. 

Knowing how to stop drinking can help you start saving money sooner.

3. Helping Your Liver Is One of the Benefits of not drinking

When you drink, it can cause negative effects on your liver. When you’re putting alcohol into your body on a regular basis, the cells in your liver can actually start to die and cause permanent damage.

The good news is that these cells can repair themselves up to a certain extent. You can start healing your liver as soon as a few days after you give up your drinking habit.

4. Have a Healthier Weight

Drinking a lot of alcohol isn’t a good way to lose weight. In fact, you may gain weight because of all the hidden calories in your favorite drinks.

There are a lot of calories in beer and even more calories in a glass of wine. The average wine can be around 125 calories. Your typical pale ale beer is somewhere around 175 calories.

This can add up quickly during a long night of drinking.

Quitting drinking can help your body get healthier and possibly even lose weight.

5. Protect Your Organs

Parts of your body like your liver, kidney, and heart are all at risk for developing disease from consuming large amounts of alcohol regularly.

Your brain can also run into issues processing memories, emotions, and may even affect your coordination. You may also find that your brain is having trouble with basic problem-solving. 

Certain toxins that break down alcohol in the liver can affect the brain by killing the cells. It some extreme cases, it could even lead to cancer.

Live a Healthier Life

The benefits of not drinking may change your life for the better. Your body will see many health benefits for quitting your drinking habit.

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