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Bottled Water Vs. Tap Water: Healthy Water Drinking

The whole awareness of bottled water increased, quite recently. Bottled water is cleaner, safer and good for health. But it is also costlier than normal tap water. With the increasing rate of water pollution and various dangerous waterborne diseases, bottled water is considered a much safer option, worldwide. It has become very popular in the last decades. The bottled water is more popular than the carbonated drinks. Free Range La can help you to understand water softener. So check them out!

Comparison between Tap Water and Bottled Water


Taste of water:

The consumers said that bottled water tastes a lot better, sweeter and purer than normal tap water. Usually, the tap water is flavorless. So, people prefer to drink bottled water often, because of the sweeter taste.


Most people drink bottled water because it is safe. With all the increasing pollutants and germs all around, even specialists refer to the usage of bottled water.

Bottled water is treated, filtered and then packed. Often drinking tap water can be quite harmful, due to its unfiltered state. It may contain bacteria and other substance, harmful for health.


The bottled water is a very convenient choice than the normal tap water, particularly when someone is traveling or is not at home. This way, they are able to drink purified, cleaner and safer water. They can easily carry these bottled to anyplace they want or buy them from local stores.

Tap water cannot be carried from place to place. Drinking water from just any place can cause serious health problems.


The cost of bottled water


Bottled water is very expensive. But still, people drink it. This is mainly because of the rising awareness of health and pollution issues.

Tap water is less expensive than bottled water. It is not possible for everyone to spend so much money on drinking water. For them, tap water is the best option.


The bottled water though is not exceptionally better than the tap water, it is way safer. But then again, tap water is far greener than the custom labeled bottled water.


Water Scarcity:


The bottled water brands usually come from the places where the water supplies are very limited. So, due to the scarcity, the price also increases. This is not the case with tap water. You can get tap water from water tanks or reservoirs in your city or village. You can always treat the water and store them in refillable water bottles that are easily available at custom Camelbaks.


Toxic Chemicals:

Usually the water bottle containers are composed of the plastic material such as the polyethylene terephthalate. To manufacture these types of products, require many toxic chemicals. Also, the various harmful chemical is released into the environment as a result of the process.

Tap water in that way is completely pure and does not contain any harmful elements. The water comes naturally and can be stored anyhow the consumers want to.


Energy Used:


The bottled water generally uses the energy at each and every step of its production. The stages are treating of the water, the manufacturing of the bottles, the filling, shipping and of course keeping the water inside cold.


This much of energy is not used to collect, store and consume tap water. All you need is to open the tap.


Packaging Waste:


PET is needed to be recycled to created bottles for bottled water. The wastes or leftover materials from the packaging process are very harmful. Usually, they are dumped into the seas or oceans or any nearby water bodies. This cause danger to the loves of seabirds, aquatic creatures like fishes, dolphins, and others. This also increases the water pollution.

The tap water has no side effects. It comes naturally to your houses from underground water sources or man-made reservoirs. Anyone can store the water in vessels, glasses, jugs or even in bottles. Tap water produces no such packaging waste.


Despite all these drawbacks of the bottled water, people choose to use the bottled water. But actually tap water can be used, if it is filtered properly. Water is an essential necessity. It has to be clean, safe and germ-free. Getting drinking water easily is a blessing. It should not be neglected. Bottled water is very expensive and also comes with various dangerous side effects on the health of the consumer as well as the environment. So it is very safe and cheap to use tap water. A filtered and distilled tap water is perfectly safe for drinking.