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Color Jewelry Helps You Cool Down In Summer

Women need to treat yourself better, if you are colorful, all eyes will focus on you. So in the hot summer days, what kind of jewelry can you choose to add coolness to yourself, and attract everyone’s attention? Color jewelry is a good choice. Let’s take a look at the advantages of color jewelry .

  1. Material

Color jewelry are produced during the formation and change of natural rock. The growth time is tens of thousands of years, millions of years or even hundreds of millions of years. Because they are mostly ore, the minerals or rare elements they contained during long-term formation are mostly beneficial to the human body. Some of the color jewelry have the characteristics of daylight absorption and nighttime lighting, which can reduce the head temperature. And with the natural texture, it can perfectly express the natural nature , while the cold touch makes the skin feel real, bringing coolness to the hot summer days.

  1. Color

The colors of the color jewelry are multicolored and usually have a glassy luster and are transparent and bright. Because of the sultry summer, people will feel inexplicable anxiety. If the jewelry has a clear and bright color, there is a certain visual allusion effect for eliminating the heat. It is recommended to choose a color with a certain object association, such as blue is associated with the sea, the cold feeling of sea touch; green is easy to associated with smart and grass on behalf of vibrant vitality. It looks comfortable, and also adds a psychological effect, which can bring a “heart calm and natural cool” mentality.

  1. Style

Color jewelry is suitable for pendants, rings, earrings, etc. It is a must-have item for summer. At present, due to the variety and colors, the merchants are also racking their brains to design a variety of color jewelry. Summer is easy to be sleepy. If you choose some exquisite styles of color jewelry, easy to attract people’s attention, which plays a refreshing role. A appropriate texture and color will make you feel refreshed and pleasant.

Carefully choose a suitable color jewelry for yourself, you should pay attention to the following points:

  1. Purchased according to personal temperament and preference

The world of treasures that nature has endowed us is colorful, the variety of gems is diverse, and the colors are different. Each colored gem has its own unique beauty and legendary story!

Tanzanite, topaz stone staged a blue temptation, tourmaline is colorful and mysterious. aquamarine has the purity and elegance of the sea, fire opal presents passion and colors. garnet is for beauty and grace, amethyst exudes nobility and purple east and so on. Each has its own charm and looks temperament!

  1. Choose according to your age, body size and skin color.

Young people are more novel, colorful, and cheaper in their choices, so that they can change with the prevalence of styles, showing the vitality of young people. Middle-aged and older women are advised to choose workmanship, high-grade texture and stable color. People with slim body, tender skin are suitable for jewelry inlaid with dark gems. People with fat body and black skin are suitable for jewelry with good clarity and light color.

  1. Depend on the design and craft of the product

The corresponding craftsmanship that color jewelry will take according to the form of artistic expression, the exquisite craftsmanship of its production and inlaying, the complexity of the craft, will affect its beauty and value! The fashionable you will also choose relatively refined and beautiful design and craftsmanship jewelry !

Color jewelry continues to break through in the innovation of culture, with the pursuit of liveliness, romance, simplicity and fashion, more modern elements of life and life fragments are used in the design.