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Delightful smoothies for better health

If we say that the smoothies are an extraordinary way for adding the surplus supplements and nutrition into your eating regimen then it won’t be wrong.

They are the only super delicious way to maintain the health plus freshness as all other diet controlling tips are often boring at times.

Smoothies are fully packed with different servings of different yummy fruits and vegetables. The best part about the smoothies is that they are easy to prepare, simple to process, tasty to drink, and they accuse your body of the vitality and supplements you have to remain sound.

So, as you proceed further each of the healthy and delicious recipes in Smoothies for Better Health is explained and all the particular supplements it conveys, so you’ll learn precisely what benefits you are going to get from each drink.

Bonus Tips for staying hygienic: We know that smoothies are good for health. But you need to keep clean the blender which helps you to made smoothies. Keep in mind that while making smoothie, no germ can’t enter from blender. Not only for smoothies accessories but it’s suitable for others too. For example, you need to clean grill properly with the cleaner after cooking. Even, after and before cooking you should clean all the food making accessories properly for staying hygienic.


Let’s made healthy smoothie


  1. Apple-Pumpkin Smoothie



1 and ⅓ cups of finely chopped apples that is equal to approx. 2 medium apples.

½ can pumpkin which is equal to 15 ounces.

¾ cup of plain low-fat Greek yogurt.

½ cup ice

2 tablespoons maple syrup optional (this may add taste to it)

¼ teaspoon pumpkin pie spice

A pinch of salt

¼ cup of high-protein honey and almonds.



It’s quite simple, just place the apples, honey, almonds, pumpkin, Greek yogurt, salt followed by ice in a blender. Blend until the mixture gets smooth and looks like a perfect smoothie. Glass it out and top it with maple syrup!

Nutritionals value:

This Apple Pumpkin smoothie super rich in protein and calcium. Plus they are a huge source of settling down the digestive system.

By having this drink you are having Vitamin A as a bonus as well.


2. Mango berry smoothie:



1 cup coconut milk.

A banana sliced and frozen.

1 mango cut into chunks. (Yummy)!

5 large strawberries.

2 tbsp. maple syrup.

A pinch of salt.

½ cup ice.

¾ cup of Low-fat yogurt.


Place all the ingredients except the maple syrup in a blender and blend until smooth and softened. Glass it out and top with maple syrup.


Nutritionals value:

The Mango Berry smoothie is my personal favorite as it is my own recipe. It is a source of ultimate freshness that fulfills your daily need of calcium and proteins. This smoothie is high calcium!



A smoothie a day, freshen ups your day! Along with the healthy diet and exercise, one must add these delightful smoothies in their diet routine in order to kick off the laziness and embrace the healthy nutrition that could not be compensated by any other pill. Hope you try and enjoy it! Check Vitamix 5200 review for more info.