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Flea treatment for Dogs

Fleas are blood-sucking parasites found in pets. These dark brown insects are dangerous for dogs, cats, human etc. Generally fleas prefer summer season to grow and they survive by eating the blood of the host animal. The saliva of flea is allergenic and causes itching and scratching in animals.

If fleas are detected on your pet it is better to take immediate action which will save your pet from further complication. There are lots of flea treatments available in the market. Choose the right product for your pet and keep in mind that flea treatment for dogs can never suit for cats.

Flea shampoo

Flea shampoos work well at the first stage of flea attack and there are a large number of adult fleas visible on your dog. But, remember that shampoo doesn’t last longer and may be effective just only one day or less than that. It is easy to see flea attack today even though your dog had a flea bath one week ago.

Flea dips

Flea dips are effective for adult fleas and also for mites and ticks. These are strong chemical rinses and recommended for extreme condition like mite infestation. Flea dips generally work up 1-2 weeks.

Flea powder and spray

Flea powders and sprays give protection from fleas, ticks and mites. These generally work against adult fleas. But, some includes ingredients to inhibit flea egg and larval development. Powders and sprays will keep protect your dog for 2-3days.

Topical spot on treatment

Spot on treatments are effective against adult flea and also for larvae, eggs and other parasites. Popular flea spot on treatment for dogs includes Advantage (TM), Frontline®, and Bio-Spot® etc. You should choose the right one for your dog among them by consulting with veterinarian. These products last around 1 month.

Flea pills for dog

Flea pills generally work by killing the flea eggs. These medications do not kill the adult fleas but make the flea eggs unable to hatch. The main purpose of these medications is to stop the life cycle of fleas.

Flea collars

Flea collars are also effective against the adult fleas. Flea collars work by emitting toxic chemical for fleas which is absorbed by the subcutaneous fat layer of the animal. The toxic chemical helps to inhibit fleas. Flea collar can last up to eight months.

There are available flea treatments for dogs in the market. Most of them are chemicals or medications. Adverse reaction of flea medication may happen. So, consider before using any medication or you can consult with veterinarian before going for any treatment.

Flea treatments are available but, not so easy. We all know, prevention is better than cure. So, nothing can be better than preventing fleas. Luckily, you can save money on the collars and many products mentioned here by using a PetSmart discount code.

Flea control can be possible by taking care of your dog as well as cleaning your living area. Around 90% of total flea population grows around your carpeting, bedding and living areas. You can prevent them by regular cleaning, vacuuming and also applying insecticides. Now could be a good time to invest in a dog crate – if you have a large dog then check some reviews on Selected Best first.