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Going For a Double Eyelid Surgery in Singapore? Read Here First!

Are you deciding or already decided to go for a double eyelid surgery in Singapore? For many, double eyelid surgery is considered a standard of beauty, especially so amongst the Asians. Many Asians dream about having this permanent fold in the upper eyelid. For those of you are thinking of going for a double eyelid surgery in Singapore, read the information 

How do you prepare for a double eyelid surgery evaluation?

Make sure that you have taken the time to discuss and ask as many questions with your surgeon about the procedure, the result you would like to achieve, the risks, and the recovery process. Don’t be shy to ask as many questions as needed. Also research as much as you could over the internet before you meet your surgeons so that you will be prepared of what to ask when meeting your surgeon! For example, you can bring some pictures of double eyelid shape that you would like to get. Your surgeon can then discuss with you which of the double eyelid shape will be most suitable for your face Remember, you want be as ready as possible.

How long does double eyelid surgery take?

The incisional blepharoplasty will take longer than the non-incisional blepharoplasty, almost twice as long. Stitching your eyelid will take around half an hour to 45 minutes. Meanwhile, cutting your eyelid and going for an incisional method will take at least around 1 hour. 

How long does it take to recover from double eyelid surgery?

If you are going for the non-incisional method, your full double eyelid recovery will only take about two weeks. At 3 or 4 days after surgery, you will most likely be able to go back to normal routines and no longer experience a lot of pain or discomfort. Some people take about up to a week. However, after around 2 weeks, your eyelid is expected to heal completely. 

It will be significantly longer if you decide to go with the incisional method. After the surgery, your initial and first phase of recovery will take about 2-3 weeks. After this initial recovery, you will have to stick closely to your surgeon’s guidelines for at least a few months until you have reached full recovery. 

To ensure that your recovery goes well, keep track of your antibiotics and medications. You don’t want to get infection, especially if you are recovering from an incisional double eyelid surgery. So antibiotics are most likely needed. Apply your prescribed eye cream as directed by your surgeon and make sure your hands are free from bacteria when you do that. Diligently wear sunglasses and avoid rubbing your eyes.

How long before you can wear makeup after double eyelid surgery?

You should wait for at least 3 weeks after surgery to be safe. Some people rush it because they really want to wear makeup and they do it after around 10 days or two weeks after surgery. If they eyelid is healing well and almost fully healed, it might not be a problem and it won’t lead to infection. The problem is if you rush and you haven’t fully healed, you might introduce bacteria to your wound and then it will be a bigger problem. 

To be safe, wait for at least 3 weeks after surgery and be sure to wear your prescribed eye ointment before you start applying eye makeup. Sanitize all your make-up tools, like brushes and pads, because they might carry a lot of germs. Confirm with your doctor that it’s already okay for your to wear eye make-up. Otherwise, just pause on wearing makeup first and focus on recovery. Your double eyelid will look so good after surgery, so you don’t want to take any chances for infection or other complications. 

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