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Health Benefits Of Weighted Blankets

There are numerous reasons that weighted blankets have become popular and we discuss them below – read on.

1. Helps Fight Anxiety

Approximately 40 million people in the United States suffer from anxiety. Although people approach/deal with anxiety differently, weighted blankets have shown to help reduce anxiety. A weighted blanket works almost like a loving hug. It’s neither faked or too firm for your liking. The blanket can be used anywhere including the bed and the sofa. Weighted wraps also come in handy while on the road or at the office. This is because they are smaller and lighter.

2. Has a Calming Effect

According to research, most cases of mental meltdowns and anxiety are caused when there’s a ‘traffic jam’ in the brain. This makes it harder for the brain to process the information it is getting hence condition commonly known as sensory processing disorder. This condition is prevalent in young children who find it difficult to express/verbalize how they feel.

Weighted blankets can be used to induce a sense of calmness on adults and young kids with sensory processing disorder. The blanket gives them a sense of assurance that also helps lower anxiety levels in the individual as well. Ensuring your child has a weighted blanket in his/her bed would be a huge plus.

3. Helps Alleviate Stress

No one is immune to stress. We have all suffered from stressful conditions at some point in life. Although many people know how to manage stress, individuals suffering from chronic stress aren’t as lucky. Situations such as having an argument with your partner, a bad day at work, and numerous bills can cause stress levels to build up very fast. If left unchecked, such high levels of stress can affect your physical and mental health negatively.

Research however shows that using weighted blankets when stressed can help relieve stress fast. The deep touch pressure from weighted blankets has a calming effect that allows one to calm down quickly. It is considerably effective in reducing stress, hence no need to use expensive equipment or therapy just to alleviate stress.

4. Helps with ADHD

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) mainly affects young children and some adults. The condition is linked mostly to very little to lack of focus. The condition either makes one have trouble concentration on one task or makes them restless or impulsive. The symptoms of ADHD however vary from one person to the other.

Weighted blankets produce deep touch pressure simulation which creates a soothing effect on the individual. This not only helps reduce anxiety but also promotes good mood and sleep. ADHD patients also show a sense of calmness from using these blankets as well.