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How Fast Can You Get Fit and Lose Weight Without Risks to Health?

It’s impossible to determine how fast a person can get fit and lose weight because too many factors are in play determining that. Two of the most important of them are your goals and the exact definition of ‘fit’ you use. For example, a study published in The Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research determined that six weeks of a rather intense exercise regime might not be enough to make a significant change to fitness levels. Yet, there are many success stories that tell of achieving impressive results within a single month.

To determine how much time it will take you to get to the level you want, you need to set exact goals. More importantly, you need to understand which factors will influence your success. And finally, you need to develop and stick to a program that will bring you there.

Factors That Affect Fitness and Weight Loss

First of all, you need to understand that every person loses weight and gains fitness at their own pace. Some of the factors that affect this include, but aren’t limited to:

  • Genetics
  • Diet
  • Health
  • Current weight and fitness level
  • Types, frequency, and intensity of workouts
  • Medications

Most importantly, all these factors also affect each other. Therefore, the calculation of weight loss speed becomes nearly impossible. That’s why people have such different reactions to workouts and dieting programs.

However, while accurate calculations and predictions are impossible, there are ways to lose weight at a set rate. You might not be able to get a 100% accurate result by the end of such programs, but it will be close. But if you do have any health conditions or have to take meds regularly, you’ll need to talk to your doctor. Fast weight loss programs are intense and demanding.

Healthy Guide on How to Lose Weight and Get Fit Fast

The fastest way to lose weight is through diet, and especially one that will cut your calories by a lot. An effective one-month diet plan to lose 10kg must have 1,200 calories a day or less. And bear in mind that it also has to be well-balanced in order to keep you healthy. A fast weight loss diet should mostly consist of:

  • Fruits and veggies
  • Legumes
  • Poultry
  • Fish
  • Low-fat dairy

Forego red meat and starchy veggies during your speed fat-burning program. This will help you achieve some good results within four weeks max, and this success will be the motivation to push you further.

The matter with fitness isn’t as simple. That’s because the term ‘fitness level’ is rather vague. Traditionally, it’s determined based on your body fat level as well as the number of pushups you can make and overall oxygen efficiency.

Therefore, it’s harder to get fit than to lose weight because you can do the former simply by cutting calories in your diet. However, to boost your fitness, you’ll need exercise that’ll strengthen you and boost your stamina. Expert trainers say that one needs about two months of regular and frequent (4-5 days a week) workouts to feel any difference.

Some people might get from zero-fitness to the moderate level at this point, but many might need more time. Your progress with this will depend on the factors mentioned above. And in order to achieve maximum success, you need to focus on cardio and resistance training. Work out for an hour five days a week alternating between the two types. You can also have a 30-minute aerobics session followed by 30 minutes of strengthening exercises a day.

However, don’t forget that it’s essential to set exact fitness and weight loss goals before you start any program. It’s achieving them that will determine if you’ve succeeded.