How I Improved my feet issues at 50 years old in only one month?

There is no denying that foot wear-and-tear prevails as we start to age. According to a 2010 survey conducted by the American Podiatric Medical Association, 77% of adults complained of foot issues. Well, most people have a misconception that foot ailment is a part of aging. However, the truth is that foot pain is a sign of a problem. And it is necessary to deal with the problem on time to avoid more severe foot disorders. I being a 50-year old diabetic adult solved all my feet issues in just a month. Yes, you read that right! Now, you might have a question – how is it possible? The major thing that significantly helped me in this regard was my diabetic boots for men. Designed especially for orthopedic patients, these shoes relieved me from my pains and prevented further wear and tear. 

In this article below, I will elaborate on the foot issues I faced and how I got rid of them:

Toenail Fungus

The fungus develops in your toenails if you wear tight footwear or you walk barefoot in gyms, swimming pools, and showers. They can also enter your nails if you have any type of nail or skin injury. Symptoms of toenail fungus include lifted, ragged, loosened or thickened nails, spots on the nail and dark-colored nails. When I developed fungus on my toenails, I didn’t go to the doctor and cured the problem myself. Following are the things I did to get rid of that damaging fungus:

  • Washed and dried my feet on a regular basis.
  • Opted for light, comfortable and quality diabetic boots.
  • Ditched my cotton socks and began to wear synthetic fiber socks.
  • Pampered my feet frequently with warm water-vinegar bath.
  • Applied Vicks VapoRub to my affected nails once every day.


Athlete’s foot

Athlete’s foot is a common feet problem caused by fungus. The condition results in an itchy rash that can have burning sensations. There are many people who experience blisters/ulcers, both of which can be extremely painful. Luckily, I had a scaly rash which I treated by opting for:

* Hydrogen peroxide which destroyed the fungus. I poured it twice every day on the infected area

*Neem oil that I used for massaging the affected area two times a day.

*I kept my feet clean all day and night long and wore breathable diabetic shoes.


Foot Pain

Generally, foot pain in adults occur because of calluses and corns, structural deformities such as bunions and bunionettes or nail disorders especially toenail fungus infections. A bunion occurs when the big toe turns inward and bends toward or under the other toe fingers. A bunionette, also known as tailor’s bunion occurs when the bump is formed at the base of the baby toe. Some of the major causes of these conditions are wearing tight and poorly fitting shoes or shoes with high heels, hereditary and foot/ankle problems. 

I treated by bunions by opting for:

  • Low-heeled shoes.
  • Doughnut-shaped bunion cushions that surrounded my affected area and protected my toes from the hard surface of shoes.
  • An ice pack that I applied 2-3 times a day for instant relief.


If you have similar issues, treat them the way I did. If your problem is severe or you don’t benefit from the above treatments, I recommend you to consult your orthopedic doctor. 


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