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How to Avoid Prescription Medication Overuse

When one is going through a low phase, it is easy to resort to medication such as muscle relaxants and pain-relievers to get some respite from mental and physical trauma. However, overdependence on prescription drugs of any kind can turn into a problem sooner than most people realize.

If you’re using prescription drugs to ease your pain, here are some tips to avoid it becoming a habit you’ll have to struggle with later.

Look for alternative solutions

Indeed, not having medication is the best way to avoid its overuse. Some seemingly harmless drugs are highly addictive mainly due to the immediate relief they offer from physical pain or mental stress. If you’ve been popping a lot of pills lately and are not liking it, it’s time to look for natural alternatives such as yoga, meditation, exercise, social activities, traveling, painting, writing, or any other activity that could provide you the relief you’re seeking from medication.

Conscious and consistent efforts to wean yourself off medication do work—all you need is to take the first step and the willingness to keep going until you find something that works for you.

Live and eat healthy

Did you know that there are several home remedies out there for chronic pain that actually work? They may not give you quick relief, but the right kinds of food and a healthy and active lifestyle can certainly help you reduce your dependence on medical drugs to some extent.

Also, overconsumption of certain foods, such as junk snacks, refined flour and processed sugar, is linked to mood swings, depression and, of course, a number of serious medical disorders. So take a good look at your diet and see if you’re inadvertently feeding yourself disease-causing foods.

Learn to cope with stress rather than giving in to it

It may sound difficult but it’s not impossible. Take one step at a time. Whenever you feel stressed in a situation at work or home, employ an exit strategy. No, don’t quit—just walk away physically or mentally for a while. Either walk out of the space to get away from the negative energy or play music that you really like.

Try and stop fretting over issues and instead of reaching out for a pill, get away for a quick cup of coffee or simply a glass of water infused with a refreshing taste, such as a few drops of lemon, a slice of apple, some mint leaves or a piece of orange. Having such a drink instead of plain old water may help refresh your mind and thoughts.

Give yourself a chance to start anew every day

Drug abuse is not a problem that will go away as quickly as it came into your life. So, even if you fail, allow yourself to start all over again instead of feeling guilty of having resorted to smoking or antidepressants to avoid dealing with the situation.

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