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How to Choose a Nanny in Bangalore for Your Kids?

Bangalore is a city that is growing forever. There are always ways and opportunities for new mothers to have a good career and passion. Like a career gap, your little kids should also not hold you back from following your passion. This is where hiring a good nanny can help you.

A nanny is a person who cares for, cares for and assists children. Families can hire a nanny in Bangalore as part of their daily schedule, or they may be hired to provide care in your home. 

There are many benefits of hiring a nanny:

  • Family harmony – Having a caregiver who loves your kids will help bring peace into the family and make them feel more secure about leaving the house on vacation or at school events.
  • Lower stress levels – When someone else takes care of your kids all day long, you will have less time to worry about them getting sick or injured from playing outside without supervision! This also allows your child to learn responsibility and independence, which will benefit him in later years when he becomes an adult himself!

Be regular about checking references.

  • Ask for references by text message/phone, and get to know the nanny.
  • Ask a lot of questions. Do they have experience with kids? What kind of personality do they have? Are they reliable and trustworthy? How much money can they make as nannies in Bangalore, India (BB)? The pay may not be enough to live on, so ask her upfront if she has other sources of income or savings before hiring them as your child’s nanny

Ask for references by text message/phone.

  • Ask for references by text message/phone. Asking for someone’s reference is a good way to get more information on them and their experience with you, especially if the potential nanny doesn’t have a website or social media presence.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask for references by text message/phone. The only time it’s acceptable not to call someone back is if they’ve told you that they’re unavailable during certain hours of the day, but even then, it would still be polite (and professional) for them to accept calls anyway!

Get to know the nanny.

When you’re looking for a nanny, it’s important that you get to know her. Here are some questions you should ask:

  • Where does she live?
  • What does she do in her off time? Is she married or single? Does she have any siblings or children of her own?
  • Does the family have pets that require care regularly (e.g., dogs and cats)? If so, what kind(s) do they have, and how much time does each need from their nanny per week/month/year etc.?

The nanny’s pay may not be enough to live on, so ask her upfront.

If you’re paying $5 an hour for child care and your nanny wants to have a family of five, that could be a problem. If she says yes, ask her how she would make those living expenses happen. Do they expect you to take care of their kids full-time? 

Do they plan on working remotely from home? If she doesn’t answer these questions honestly (or at all), there should be no reason for your family members to trust that she can handle the responsibility of raising children without proper training or supervision by someone else who cares about them as much as you do.


Check on nannies in Bangalore before hiring them (preferably by phone). Ask for references from previous employers and friends who know the nanny personally. If possible, speak to other people who have used the same service provider as you, preferably through a professional networking site such as LinkedIn or Facebook Groups.

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