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How to Choose Crossfit Shoes for Running

how to find the perfect running shoes

Keeping fit or rather getting back in shape can be an arduous process in itself. Having the wrong exercise shoes can make the process even more difficult or even impossible for people who have not committed to remaining disciplined in their quest for being fit. For people who are thinking of living an active lifestyle regarding engaging in work out sessions on a regular basis. Some are a little bit more ambitious to get fit than most of the other population. The question of what shoes are best suited for what physical exercises are likely to be a challenging one to answer.

Firstly, it is clear that though both running and Crossfit involve some arduous physical exercises, they have different needs as far as shoes are concerned because the body moves in various ways during each of the exercises. Crossfit shoes are typically heavier than running shoes. It is because Crossfit shoes offer top-notch support for squats and weight lifting and other intense Crossfit activities. Running shoes, on the other hand, are lighter because they forego that extra weight for heavy duty exercise.

It is, however, advisable that you go for Crossfit shoes that are best suited for running. It is better to wear a little more weight of a shoe that will offer you protection from injury as well comfort and support than preceding it for a lighter shoe that will not provide you with the protection you need. With this said, I am confident that there are several shoes out there that bridge the gap between running and Crossfit and offer protection and high-end support without hindering you from running.

What to look for when choosing the best Crossfit shoes for running

Unless you are a very enthusiastic runner, I would advise that you go for a good lightweight Crossfit shoe that offers the required support and protection and use it for running. What are some of the features and factors should you consider when choosing a Crossfit running pair;


The best Crossfit shoes for running should have enough traction to ensure that it helps grip your feet to the ground. This way, chances of slipping and falling when running are reduced. Traction or grip keeps your feet planted deeply to the ground for the much-needed stability.

Shock Absorption

Just like most other Crossfit shoes are chosen depending on the kind of training you are hoping to engage in, the best Crossfit shoes for running should be made in such a way that they can absorb as much shock as they can. This is because, during running, your shoe should absorb shock to prevent your feet from injury, unlike Crossfit shoes for weight lifting which are supposed to absorb little shock because taking up all of it will affect the person’s weightlifting negatively.


Buying Crossfit shoes is not a cheap venture. You will have to part a considerable amount of money to acquire a pair. With all the benefits it comes with, it is a good investment for your money. You, however, do not want to keep buying pair after pair on a monthly basis, you should, therefore, buy a pair that is durable judging from the material, quality and general make.

Snug Fit

Counter checking whether your Crossfit running shoe pair has a snug fit is another step that you should not overlook. The preferred Crossfit running pair should be able to provide you with a snug fit or instead should fit you perfectly. The last thing you need when in a running workout is having your feet slid off and or slip inside your shoes because they do not fit perfectly. Avoid this to keep blisters and injuries at bay and also for the sake of your comfort during your sessions.

Heel & Arch support

Before purchasing any Crossfit running shoe, arch and heel support are a significant factor to consider. The best shoe for Crossfit exercises should be able to support your heel and arch. This is an important factor for both Cardio inclined Crossfit exercises as well as weightlifting and most especially, running. If you run a long distance in your routine, you want an assurance that your heels and arches are well supported to help avoid pain.

Lightweight & Breathability

The issues of breathability and lightweight go without saying before settling for a pair of Crossfit running shoes. This is mainly because of some obvious reasons. As far as running is concerned, you will need shoes that a breathable so that there can be airflow in the shoes. It will greatly reduce the possibilities of over sweating and overheating hence zero chances of developing blisters. On that same note, you will need a pair of shoes that are lightweight. When running, heavy shoes will just eat into your energy making you less effective and active. Since sweating is unavoidable, you should also opt for Crossfit running shoes that are odor resistant to avoid having stinking shoes.


Comfort is a relative term since it all depends on your personal preference. The shoe can have all these other factors, but if it is not comfortable, it is not going to work. Go for a shoe that fits you well in length and width. Comfort is paramount and should not be overlooked for some other factors. Check out the site for more tips and reviews like this.

Examples of some of the best Crossfit shoes for running include;

• Reebok Crossfit Speed Training shoes

• Nike Free Trainer 5.0 Training Shoes

With all these said, it is clear that having the right Crossfit shoes for running is very important not only for support and protection but also to ensure that you engage in productive running exercise. Crossfit shoes for running should have a low cut design to ensure the comfort and ankle support you need most during running. It is also important to understand that purchasing a Crossfit shoe for running will not come easy. You will have to part with a few dollar. However, looking at the bigger picture, it will be a worthy investment because of the many benefits it the shoes will come.