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How to Choose the Best Toilet: A Buyer’s Guide

At first glance, buying a new toilet seems like a simple enough endeavour. Buy the toilet, have it fitted and done. But then comes the realisation that no longer does your choice of toilet start and end with the colour of it.

These days, the range of toilets to choose from is immense. With features such as self cleaning bowls, eco friendly systems, different flushing mechanisms and some big name brands all vying for your attention, choosing the right toilet for you and your family can suddenly become overwhelmingly difficult. I don’t know about you, but I hate cleaning my home, so I found the perfect home cleaning service for my needs.

Below you will find some points to consider to narrow down the options and help you to choose the best toilet for you without any of the overwhelm:

The Flushing System

This is by far the most important consideration when thinking about the toilet you want. If you are going for an eco friendly model that conserves water, make sure it really will flush efficiently. To be sure it will work, look for a wide trap way and a large flush valve. This will mean that the toilet works correctly, with the flush being as powerful as that of a standard toilet rather than being forced to continually double flush the toilet.

The Price

Of course how much you can spend on the toilet depends largely on your budget, but don’t be tempted to go for the lowest priced toilet. Chances are, you want your toilet to last a fair amount of time, and choosing a budget model means you’re much more likely to have to replace it within the first couple of years. Choose a mid-high priced toilet for the best durability and features.

Of course you should make sure to stick within your budget, but choose a model that sits at the higher end of your budget. A few dollars saved now will likely cost you more in the long run.

One Piece Vs Two Piece

This is a big consideration that is about more than aesthetics, although the one piece toilets are generally sleeker and more attractive to look at. The two piece toilet has a separate water tank, where the one piece toilet is all in one. The one piece toilet is much easier to clean and takes up less space in your bathroom. It also a whole lot easier to install than its two piece counterpart. Check this home cleaning services for more info.

Sounds good right? And it is, but it also a lot pricier than a two piece toilet which is the primary reason why the two piece still remains a good seller.

The Size of the Toilet

The size of the toilet you choose will be dependent on the space you have available in which to fit it. If you have a small bathroom or powder room, check this site for compact toilets for small bathrooms, then a rounded bowl will you to conserve space. If space is no problem, them consider an elongated bowl which is around two inches longer than a standard bowl allowing for a more comfortable experience, especially for larger people.

It’s also worth considering the height of the toilet. While a standard toilet usually stands around fifteen inches from the ground, toilets up to four inches taller are now readily available and these are a good option to consider if anyone who will be using the toilet regularly has any mobility issues as it’s much easier to lower themselves on and off the bowl.

The Brand

While most people prefer to stick to a brand then now and love, it’s worth checking out similar models from competitors. Sometimes, you will find that two toilets have almost identical features and the price difference is down to one being a more popular brand name.

If you are unsure about a brand, take a look on a site like Amazon and check out the customer reviews before you buy it.

Follow the steps above to give you a starting point on your research and be sure the toilet you choose is the best one for your family’s needs. Happy shopping.