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How to Drink More Water: 5 Super Effective Ways

Water is the most vital substance there is. Without it, we die. Plain and simple.

To be more specific, human needs water for most of our bodily functions. Therefore, insufficient water intake can cause a variety of health problems, ranging from minor injuries such as cramps to fatal ones, namely low blood volume shock.

We drink to live, yes. But we also drink to live better. Joints will be less likely to hurt, our spinal cord and sensitive tissues will be protected, digestive as well as urinary systems will be ever at ease.

Of course, we’d like to drink more. But, truth is, not as frequent as we wish, because there are other complications in life.

See here for further help regarding water filtration.

Hope this helps!

Keep water in sight

Have you ever experienced moments where you feel like having a cup of water but there are none around so you just skip it instead? I used to think that it was just me. To my surprise, I was wrong. It is a widely common issue among people who don’t drink water regularly.

So how do we solve this? How did I, a former irregular water drinker, overcome this particular brain teaser?

KEEP IT IN SIGHT! That’s all we need to do.

When you’re at home, make water available in every room. Keep a pair of glass and pitcher filled with water around the house. Or, if you prefer, use reusable bottles. This obviously shortens the distance from your regular posts to the next glass of water.

When you’re on the move, bring a bottle of water with you (and I don’t mean bottled water). Buy a reusable bottle and be best buddies with each other. Again, the main point is to keep water in sight, crushing the most pathetic excuse to not drink water: its absence.

Bringing your own water when you’re out also lowers the chance of buying a soda or a sport drink, most of which are sugar-sweetened and do more harm than good to your health.

A side note: if you want to buy plastic bottles, get informed on different types of plastic first.

Set reminders, establish water drinking habit

Another not-so-simple problem is the habit of not drinking water regularly. When it comes to habits, things usually get tough. That’s why they say “break the habit” and not “simply switch to another habit.”

But it is not impossible. We CAN break it. All we need is a bit of time, or a bit of timing, I should say.

Here’s the plan: use your phone to remind you when to drink water. Set several alarms and starts jugging water around the clock.

Over time, you will begin to have urges round the time you would usually feel the taste of water down your throat and its purification impacts on your organs.

Soon, you won’t be needing alarms anymore and start to seek water like the root of a tree. You, dear, will be looking gorgeous and feeling fantastic afterwards.

Make it easier to drink

Let’s face it: most tap water taste weird. It is because of the different substances that can be found in it from time to time. The most common ones are chlorine and minerals leaching from pipes. It’s a huge bummer, really, especially to us who want to enjoy water.

“So what do we do,” you ask? We have to purify our dear liquid friend, as it will do the same for us.

If you don’t have a filtration method already, you should get one set up. There are several choices: whole house filters, under sink filters or faucet filters. They have been becoming more and more familiar to house owners. So it’s not difficult to find the best recommendations.  

My personal favorite is faucet filters since they are compact and easy to use.

Once you’ve gotten them installed, your water should taste softer and much more easing. Enjoy your liquid form of life!

One tip: don’t compare the taste with bottled water. It might raise a desire to over-filter your water then accidently get rid of the good minerals as well. Just make sure that your water doesn’t taste as unpleasant as before.

Make it tastier and more interesting

Now, to some, or most people, water is pretty much… tasteless. I’ve even heard that one of the reasons to not drink water is “… it doesn’t taste like anything.” As silly an excuse as that sounds, it is understandable.

Regarding taste, there are things that we can do.

  • Drop some fruits in your glass. We can add lemon, orange or lime to include a sense of freshness and sourness. If you prefer a sweeter flavor, we can go with blueberry or pineapple.


    • Drink high-water content beverages. Tea with a slice of ginger would be a lovely choice. Alternatively, if fruits or vegetables and a juicer are available, make some juice. We don’t have to drink plain water all the time.


  • Familiarize yourself with natural taste. Stop buying soft drinks or drinks that are artificially flavored (those are bad for our health, more often than not.) It’ll be more likely for us to appreciate true flavors.


Eat watery fruits, veggies and food (soup)

Obviously, this isn’t exactly going to help us drink more water. But it is going to increase our daily water input, which is the final goal of drinking more water anyway. Plus, adding fruits and veggies to our diet can also aid with weight loss.

Fruits, in general, are mostly up to their stalks with water. Still, their water contents vary, so we should lean to the ones that are more juicy than others. Our selection may include watermelon, strawberry, grapefruit, cantaloupe… and many more.

Having soups on a daily basis can also help with our body water requirements. Not only delicious, they are clearly a watery type of food. We can make them a snack as well and enjoy a bowl of soup mid-task since they’re usually light.

There you go folks, these tips has helped me and my friends in our voyage to hydration. I’m sure it will be of use to you all.

Stay hydrated!