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How To Get The Maximum Performance From Your Electric Shaver

Today electric shavers are quite much efficient and provide as much close shave as a manual razor if they are properly used. You may find many advantages of using an electric razor like it’s quite easy and simple to use an electric shaver but the most significant advantage of using an electric shaver is that it lowers the chances of getting nicks and cuts.

You would never try to shave with a manual razor when you are wearing formal clothes like a shirt and tie. However, you can easily shave with an electric shaver without any problem since you don’t have to worry about the mess. Therefore, an electric shaver is an easy, safe and efficient alternative to a manual razor. We highly recommend you to go through this electric shaver buying guide that will give you the updated information on the best electric razors and it will also help you in selecting the right electric razor.

Here we will discuss how to properly use an electric shaver to get excellent shaving experience. If you want your electric shaver to give you the best performance on each use, it is recommended to clean your shaver on regular basis. You can simply clean the shaver by removing the heads of the shaver and gently clean any hair that is stuck with the help of the brush that is provided with the shaver.

Lubrication is also quite important to the blades of the electric shaver which frees the metal blades that increases the cutting quality of your electric shaver. There is no need to clean the lubricant from the blades and you may start shaving just as usual. Check Callus Shavers for more info.

Now let’s see what’s the right way to use the electric shaver. You may gently start moving the shaver against the beard, it is advised to always move the shaver against the grain to get a close shave. There is no need to press the shaver too hard or move it too fast while you’re shaving because doing so may reduce the life of the shaver’s head quickly.

There are electric shavers available that have both wet and dry shaving feature. Some people prefer using wet shave for sensitive skin. You may use shaving gel or cream with the wet shave. Philips Norelco 4500 is a good and affordable electric razor and the best part about this shaver is that you may easily use it to shave your head as well.

Electric shavers may generate some heat while you shave, therefore, always shave the tender areas first when the head of the shaver is cool. You may start by shaving your neck and below the chin especially if you have sensitive skin. This way you may avoid any irritation caused by the heat from the shaver. After you are done shaving the sensitive areas, you may move up where the skin is not that tender such as areas between the nose and around the lips.

After you are done shaving, it is good to rinse the face with the cold water which closes up the opened pores of your face. You may also use an aftershave and it is good to use moisturizer for men with dry skin.