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How to silence your inner critic

Did you know that you negative inner critic could be hindering your success? We all have that voice that reminds us that we are not good enough or not pretty enough to date that person. Our inner critic can either cause us to make bold steps towards success, or it can become an obstacle.

Your thoughts play a vital role in how you view yourself. If you find yourself constantly criticizing yourself, then it is time you reviewed what your inner critic is telling you.

The inner critical voice is created through negative experiences we have faced – especially when we were children. It could be painful words spoken to us by people in authority or those who love us. These words become ingrained into our subconscious, and this leads us to sabotage our lives.

You need to know that you are not alone – everyone has an inner critic. Once you follow the steps described below, you should be on your way to overcoming a negative inner critic.

Analyze your thoughts

The first step in overcoming your inner critic is to analyze what your mind is telling you. Most of the times we are not aware of what is going on in our mind. It is estimated that our brains process over 60,000 words each day. Once you identify your thought pattern, you are better able to change it. Accept that the critical voice is not based on reality but a distortion of this reality. Realize that this inner critical voice does not represent who you are, but is based on childhood experiences. You can choose to journal some of the thoughts been projected by your inner critical voice.

Take action

If you are experiencing negativity, it could be time you did something constructive that you will keep you destructed from your inner critical voice. The inner critical voice can be telling you that everything that you do, you will fail and the only way to silence it is to do something.

Translate the thoughts to “you” statements

Your inner critical voice mostly voices your thoughts as you. For example, I will never succeed, or I can never find love. Change this pattern to you can never succeed. This will help you differentiate the voices in your head. When you do this, you discover that your inner voice is alien and against you. You can reprogram your thinking pattern by writing something positive about yourself. Instead of your inner voice saying I am stupid to replace this with you do struggle at times, but you are smart. Another example, if your inner voice says I am a failure replace this, I may have failed most of the times but this does not make me a failure.

Go against your inner critic

Instead of doing everything that your inner critic do something that goes against it. Most addictions are formed when we follow the promptings of our inner critical voice. Click here for help for cocaine addiction

The more you go against your inner critical voice, the less powerful it becomes.

Examine the evidence

Not every thought that comes into your head is based on facts. When we are children, we are unable to differentiate facts from reality. A statement like you are not beautiful can cause you not to go out but for you to overcome this thought pattern you will need to question the statement for truth. Write down your negative statements and check them for truth. When you look at a statement from different perspectives, you can overcome the negative thinking.

Ask a friend for help

Your friends can help you look at things from a positive perspective. Most of the things we tell ourselves we cannot tell our friends. Good friends will help you affirm yourself. Also, try to offer help to people who have a negative thinking pattern. The more people you help, the less time you will take been obsessed with yourself. We all make mistakes at some point in life, and you need to cut yourself some slack when it comes to mistakes. Try to reframe your thinking to how would you help a friend who is in the same situation as you.

Have compassion on self

Most people with a powerful negative inner critical voice are usually harsh on themselves. While you could have made mistakes, there is room for improvement. Accept your faults and have compassion on yourself. Practice self-love because it goes a long way in overcoming negativity. Investing in yourself takes time, but you will finally overcome the flaws that belittle you. Most people who battle with their inner critic are also a perfectionist. They expect everything to go as planned without including room for errors.

Avoid comparing yourself with others

Many people who struggle with their inner critic spend considerable time on various social media platforms comparing their lives with others. They do things based on how other people will perceive them. The problem with constantly comparing yourself with others is that it gives you a distorted view of oneself. We tend to compare our flaws to other people’s strengths. This gives us a distorted self-image and prevents us from living our best life possible. Take a social media detox and keep off for a week or more. Try doing things that make you happy.

Share your concerns

If your inner critic is so powerful that you can’t continue living life, then it is time you considered getting counseling. A therapist will help you identify your negative thinking patterns and formulate a plan to replace them with positive ones. You can also share your concerns with a close friend or loved one. Avoid directing people to your flaws; it is not as serious as we think and their people who appreciate you as you are.


Our inner critical voice can be so powerful that we are unable to take any steps to make our lives better. We can focus on our faults and forget that we also have strengths. To overcome your inner critic analyze what is going on in your mind and have compassion for yourself.