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Is Regenerative Therapy the Right Treatment for What Ails You?


Are you struggling with chronic pain, disease, cancer, or a joint disorder? Maybe you are waiting for an organ transplant? Perhaps you or someone dear to you has a neurological disorder such as cerebral palsy.

There is a growing list of ailments that have shown positive results from regenerative therapy, and you can benefit from it too!

You may already be familiar with stem cell research. We’ve created a guide to show you how it can help you or someone you love. The positive results of treatment using the body’s own healing abilities are incredible! Read on to learn some of the ways you can benefit from regenerative therapy.

What is Regenerative Therapy?

When referring to regenerative medicine, we are talking about the area of medicine that focuses on the growth and regeneration of damaged or diseased cells, organs, and tissues. 

You may be familiar with stem cells that are used in the engineering of tissues and artificial organs. Using these methods, we are able to replace tissue or encourage the body to grow and repair its own cells. This creates a self-healing environment.

Regenerative therapy refers to the various methods that this type of medicine uses to help heal the body.

Cell Therapies

Today doctors are using healthy cells to help heal people suffering from things such as cardiovascular diseases, neurological disorders, cancer and much more. The cells are injected into the patient’s bloodstream, tissue, or organs, and have long term results as they encourage self-healing in the body.

Stem cells are capable of turning into bone, cartilage, or fat cells. They are basically the source from which all other types of cells are created. Mesenchymal Stem Cells (MSCs) are a specific type of adult stem cells that are typically found in the bone marrow.

If you’re interested in seeing how MSCs can help with shoulder, knee, wrist, and many other joint pain injuries, read more here.

The use of cord blood stem cells that are gathered from the umbilical cord has shown amazing advancements in the treatment of certain illnesses. These are called hematopoietic stem cells (HSCs) that can be collected from the placenta of a newborn child and frozen for later use.

Stem Cells are being used to promote healing in the body for a variety of illnesses and disorders. They can treat joint conditions including your knees, shoulders, and hips. It is also being used in some areas to heal spinal discs.

One of the many benefits of using stem cells is that the person’s immune system is less likely to reject the tissue since it is coming from their own (autologous) cells. This approach is truly advanced and has proven to be successful for many patients.


Immunotherapy is a type of therapy that uses a patient’s own immune system to target diseases such as cancer, viral infections, and even type 1 diabetes. It will either suppress or activate the immune system to have a specific response.

In some patients, this regenerative therapy uses T-cells to target a tumor and has shown to increase the overall survival of patients with advanced-stage cancers.

Monoclonal Antibodies

Monoclonal Antibodies are created in a lab to replicate the antibodies found in the human body. Antibodies are basically proteins that will fight infection. Monoclonal Antibodies may be injected into a patient to target a certain protein in cancer. 

They are also used in immunotherapy to activate the body’s immune system. They will basically attach themselves to cancer cells to make them a target for the immune system to attack and destroy.

Oncolytic Virus Therapy

This type of therapy actually uses a virus to kill cancer cells. In fact, the virus is injected into a cancerous tumor. The virus makes copies of itself by entering into the cancer cells. 

This causes the cancer cells to burst and die which triggers the release of antigens. The presence of these antigens alerts the patient’s immune system to attack cancer. This works well because the virus does not attack healthy cells.

The first form of Oncolytic Virus Therapy was used to treat melanoma and became approved by the FDA in 2015. The virus used is T-VEC which is actually a genetically modified version of the herpes virus. 

T-VEC is not the right treatment for all patients. Particularly pregnant mothers or people who have immune deficiencies, blood or bone marrow cancer. However, this is a great alternative for eligible patients. Especially when the tumors cannot be removed with surgery.

There are so many ways that immunotherapy is being used to help fight diseases. What’s great is that it uses the body’s own system which results in less negative affects.

Tissue Engineering

About 500,000 Americans benefit from an organ transplant each year. But as of 2010, over 108,000 were on a waiting list.

That means many patients will die before they are able to get the organs they are waiting for. Plus, many who do receive an organ transplant find that their bodies reject the foreign tissue.

There are organs that are being tissue-engineered outside a patient’s body and successfully transplanted. This can help to save the lives of people who otherwise wouldn’t have had an organ donated in time or whose body would have rejected the transplant.

This type of engineering has also been used to replace the skin of burn victims or to cover the leg and foot ulcer wounds of diabetics. 

Small intestinal submucosa (SIS) is a material taken from the small intestine of pigs. SIS has had amazing regenerative effects on the treatment of damaged tissue including reconstructing ligaments and healing incontinence.

Another therapy uses Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) which injects a concentration of platelets into a damaged area. Platelets are naturally found in blood and are small disc-shaped cell fragments. Their role includes clotting blood in the body.

These promote the healing of tissues and is a long term solution. 

How Can Regenerative Therapy Help You?

The amazing abilities of these different types of therapies are hard to believe. However many studies are confirming that this treatment is highly effective and safe. There are many more ways that stem cells are being used in regenerative therapy to help your body heal on its own. 

We hope this information can further assist you in your treatment!

Would you consider regenerative therapy? What ways could regenerative therapy help you? Share your thoughts in the comments below. Restore Hyper Wellness & Cryotherapy is a great organisation that can help you.