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Is Walking Healthier Than Applying For A Gym Membership?

January isn‘t far away anymore. More and more people at this time decide to apply for a gym membership to keep themself fit and healthy, but is it really necessary to spend your hard earned money and your valuable time on a gym membership?

In my opinion: No! There are countless sports, workouts and methods to stay fit without the requirement of dozen different equipments and tools. Here are 7 easy ways to stay healthy and fit without applying for a gym membership:

1) Take The Stairs

You would be surprised how much your health and well-being are going to benefit, if you regularly take the stairs instead of an elevator. It requires only a few minutes per day, but the advantages are exceptional.

Try to avoid elevators or escalators, when you are walking around the mall or when you are on your way to your office. Your heart will thank you!

2) Walk While Being On The Phone

Walking while you are on the phone doesn‘t only help your body, but also your mind. Studies have proven that our brain works better, when we are walking instead of sitting.

Furthermore many people who work in offices are fighting with back pain and other health conditions, which are linked to sitting too much.

3) Join A Sports Team

A lot of people get demotivated, when they start to work out, but there is an easy way to prevent this! Just join a sports team or create your own sports club with friends, family and neighbors.

I know from personal experience that you are going to stay committed, if you workout with other people.

4) Walk More Often

Some people have the opportunity to walk or bike to their workplace. If you are one of these people, then take advantage of it! Enjoy the fresh air before sitting all day in front of a computer.

You can also park your car a mile or two away from your office. Not only is it easier to find a parking spot with this method, but your heart rate and metabolism are going to increase.

5) Walk With A Dog

Dogs are a great way to stay fit without applying for a gym membership. You don‘t even need your own dog for this. Just go to your local animal shelter and ask them, if you can take one of the dogs once of twice per week for a walk.

Animal shelters are often looking for volunteers, so this might be a great opportunity for you.

6) Go Hiking

If you have the luck to live in a city, which lies next to big parks, forests or mountains you can take the chance to explore nature and do something for you health.

Hiking is a wonderful way to escape from the loud and chaotic city. The perfect opportunity to experience some peace and solitude.

7) Buy An All In One Workout Machine

Buying your own equipment can be cheaper in the long term, but it is important to do some research to find the best all in one workout machine for your needs.

Read some online review blogs and check the customer reviews on Amazon to find the best equipement.