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List of Many Things You Need to Do Before Going on a Vacation

Planned your next trip already? What’s the next thing on your list?
Ah, yes! That’s the pain point—you are excited about the vacation and dreading it at the same time. A zillion things to take care of and organise before you can escape the chaos. Here is something that can ease your pre-vacation anxiety and make you cheerful again! Besides packing all your necessary things and re-checking your luggage, here is a list of nine things you need to do before going on a vacation.


Organise Your House

An unorganised and dirty house to come back to is the last thing you would want, especially after a relaxing vacation. Flies hovering over rotten leftovers, clothes strayed all around and a used towel lying on your bed is not something you want to deal with after a long break. It will simply rip you out of your vacation mode. Organise your house, scrub your sink and clean toilets, simply do it for the sanity of your mind later.


Arranging for Elderly Care Homes

If you are away vacaying, leaving behind your beloved old parents or an elderly person, you can always arrange for the elderly care home services. There are many organisations providing daycare for old people. If you want exceptional services for your parents or the elderly while you are away, you just need to contact Encore Care Homes a week before your planned trip. They have the most caring, well educated and diligent staff to look after the elderly people—from medication to diet and everything in between. You are free to leave stress free for your vacation!


Empty Your Refrigerator

Have a good look at your refrigerator—freeze, eat or toss away anything that will grow fungus (and whatnot!) while you are away. It is wise to empty and organize your refrigerator before you leave for vacation. You certainly do not want to come back to rotten and stinking food!


Pause Newspaper and Other Deliveries

Before you leave for vacation, do not forget to pause your Newspaper and other important deliveries. The big pile of unattended newspapers outside your house is a signal for robbers that you aren’t home. Make sure your local newspaper delivery is informed at least three days in advance to pause their services while you are away on vacation.


Check Your Laundry Bag

Take a breath, just pause for a bit, you have been running around your house doing everything at a go, aren’t you? While you are running haywire at your home trying to organise and clean everything, it is easier to forget the most obvious. That being said, have you done the last round of laundry yet? It’s one thing to have few clothes that require washing but it is definitely not a great sight, coming back to a huge pile of dirty laundry. It will be an instant post-vacay mood killer.


Precautions From Fire

Before you leave all your worries behind and lock your home door, do not forget to unplug electronics around the house that you don’t need. It will not only save your energy bill, but it will also save you from an electrical fire. Make sure to switch off the routers, unused chargers, switches, kitchen appliances, etc.


Program Your Thermostat

If you are going away, you can always set your thermostat to ‘away’ mode if you have a ‘smart’ thermostat system, or you can manually reprogram it. Programming it according to the weather to avoid humidity and stuffiness is advisable. Set it to a normal or higher temperature to save yourself from a bill-shock later.


Power Converter

While travelling overseas; most people forget to carry a power converter. It should be a thumb rule for anyone travelling internationally to set a reminder—’one of the most important things to pack’. Simply Google the kind of adapter/converter needed for the country you are travelling to make a purchase online. The Power Converters available online works for almost all countries and have multiple charge sockets. 



While many people also travel to savour different kinds of food a new place has to offer, it is most likely, the food will be drastically different than what you are used to eating. It can instantly turn into an unpleasant experience and to avoid it, better carry your favourite snacks with you. Not only will it give you a sense of comfort, but it can also come in handy at airports where food tends to be a little expensive.


Final Thoughts

Planning for your vacation ahead of time will make you feel calm and less stressed. Vacation is all about relaxing and leaving your worries behind, however, it does not mean to pile up your worries for a later date. Make sure you leave your home organised and clean for the sake of your sanity. Book an elderly daycare home service if you need someone to be looked after in your absence. Do not forget to empty your refrigerator. Make sure you’re not leaving your electric appliances unattended and you have packed your power converter. Lastly, remember to pack your favourite snacks and travel light.