Looking for a Better Smile? Follow These 5 Effective Tips!

The powers of smiling are well-documented: improves your mood, lowers blood pressure, improves immunity, and is key to having better relationships.

But what if you can’t smile as often as you wish? Maybe you’re embarrassed about the shape of your lips or the color or arrangement of your teeth.

Regardless of your specific situation, we have some exciting news: It’s possible to have a better smile!

Keen to learn more?

Here are effective tips for improving your smile 🙂

Practice Good Oral Hygiene

Observing oral hygiene is more than brushing your teeth at least twice a day and doing an occasional floss to remove dental plaque. It’s also about using fluoride water and fluoride toothpaste when brushing.

If you smoke or use tobacco products, you aren’t doing your teeth (and smile) any favors, even if you’re always on top of your brushing and flossing schedule. The same goes for people who drink wine and other drinks that can stain teeth.

Also, always try to avoid a dry mouth. Drink water often and if you’re taking medicines that leave you with a dry mouth, there’s no harm asking your physician for alternatives.

Honor Your Dental Appointments

Are you one of the 42 percent of Americans who don’t visit a dentist as often as they’d like?

If yes, it’s time to drop that habit. While it’s understandable that lack of money is the reason most Americans don’t honor their dental appointments, making an effort to see your dentist will help improve your smile.

A dentist will catch any dental problems – such as gum disease – before they morph into serious conditions capable of running your smile. Professional teeth cleanings are another benefit of keeping up with dental appointments. You’ll leave the clinic feeling confident about the state of your oral health, and you won’t hesitate to flash a smile.

Go in for Teeth Correction Options

There are dental problems a good oral routine cannot fix.

If you’ve discolored or stained teeth, for instance, no amount of brushing and flossing will correct the anomaly. This is why you need to consider teeth correction options. Here are some of the most popular treatments.

Teeth Whitening

If your teeth have a yellow or brown tone, teeth whitening is the right solution for you. There’s a range of whitening solutions, from toothpaste to gels, trays, strips, and dental bonding. Your dentist will recommend the right product or solution for you.

Bear in mind teeth whitening can take time, depending on the extent of discoloration.

Teeth Straightening

Crooked teeth don’t just make it difficult to smile. They also ruin your confidence and appetite for social functions.

You could opt for traditional braces, but there are now friendlier and more effective solutions, such as clear teeth aligners like Invisalign. Other options include Damon braces, lingual braces, and orthopaedic expansions.

A Better Smile, a Better Life

Smiling is one of life’s simple acts that make a world of difference.

Unfortunately, not all of us are blessed with perfect teeth, which are essential for a beautiful smile. Fortunately, there are remedies. Whether you’ve crooked teeth or duck lips, this article has fleshed out what you can do to have a better smile.

It’s time to act, and as you do that, here’s how to find the best dental clinic.


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