Missing Teeth – Best Options for Replacing

Healthy and functioning teeth has a big impact on your health, physical appearance, comfort, and confidence. However, sometimes you can lose a tooth or your dentist may be forced to remove and replace your tooth if it is damaged.

In either case, you don’t need to panic as now there are several options to replace it. You only need to understand the best tooth replacement option that’s suitable for your situation.

As a guide, here are the best tooth replacement options that you can consider:

  1. Dental Implants

Dental implants are often considered as the best tooth replacement options because they represent a real tooth. Dental implants replace the natural root tooth. A titanium screw is inserted in the jaw which represents the root of the tooth. With a root that’s identical to your natural root, the implants are inserted and secured to bring back a natural feel—as if you didn’t lose any tooth.

  1. Dental Bridges

Unlike the dental implants that involves inserting titanium screw to replace your tooth’s root, fixed bridges utilize the teeth that are present to the right and left of the mission tooth. Crowns are mounted on top of the right and left teeth and a fake tooth is built in between. Whether you should opt for dental bridges is usually a question of your budget, aesthetic preferences, and your dental needs.

  1. Removable Dentures (RPD)

RPDs are designed for people who are looking for teeth replacement but cannot have bridge effectively in place. This usually occur when the patient doesn’t have adequate number of teeth to set a fixed bridge. Budget constraints is another reason why people opt for RPDs.

They are referred to as removable dentures because you can easily remove and insert them whenever you deem necessary—without the help of a dentist. While they are great for chewing purposes and aesthetic appeal, they are less durable than implants and bridges and can be uncomfortable when worn for long. Nonetheless, they are expensive and easy to repair in case of any damages.

Which Option Is The Best For You?

Well, the answer depends on two factors: the number of teeth you want to replace and your budget. If you have the budget and don’t have anatomy or dental health issues, then go ahead and replace the missing teeth with implants. If you don’t have the enough financial wherewithal and you are looking to replace only a few teeth, you can opt for implants or fixed bridges depending on the status of your adjacent teeth and personal preferences. On the other hand, when you have multiple or large spaces and don’t have a good budget, it is advisable to consider partial dentures.

Irrespective of the teeth replacement option that you want to try, be sure to consult a dentist. All the three options highlighted above are reliable and have been proven to work perfectly for replacing missing teeth, but going through each option with an expert is the only sure-fire way to ensure that you get the best treatment that you need.  


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