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How to Choose Yerba Mate

Have you heard of Yerba Mate yet? You may or not have heard of this as yet, after all, we are being bombarded by advertising everywhere we turn. In today’s fast-paced life companies are looking to marketing companies to brainstorm ways in which to get their product in front of us, the general public. And for us, this means that we will generally see hundreds if not thousands of adverts per day promoting all manner of goods. Our problem is that due to the vast amounts of advertising it can be very difficult to recall many of those adds or even 1 come to the end of the day. We are a population that is growing add blind unless that add for a product or service is already on our radar to investigate more deeply or to makes a decision-based purchase.

When it comes to beverages there is a huge battle between many companies and their rivals to get their message in front of us and to keep that message there in an attempt to remind us that product is the best one for us and there for the one that we should be spending our hard earned money on. The market is also saturated so it is no surprise if you have not heard of Yerba Mate.

When you think about the range of drinks on offer from a huge range of pop producers, sports drinks companies and tea and coffee manufacturers there is no doubt that marketers face an issue when trying to get us to change our buying habits and our taste. Getting us to try a new product over those that we already have a love for is even harder.

Fortunately for Yerba Mate social media on spaces like Facebook and Twitter are already beginning to sing the praises of Yerba Mate. The more people try the brand the more they like it and the more that they are willing to tell their friends about it. And that is a good thing because we all know that we will take the word of a family member, friend or colleague over that of a large faceless corporation. And Yerba Mate is beginning to make waves in the social sphere for good reason.

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Their range encompasses a range of teas that have properties that we need to stay healthy. I am sure that we have all heard that to stay healthy that we should eat our vegetables which shows that we understand that vegetables and other things such as fruits are good for us. Teas are also a natural product made from the leaf of the tea plant. Yerba Mate is similar to tea but made from the plant that is grown and harvested in South America and more specifically the regions of Argentina, Southern Brazil, and Paraguay. Harvested locally this plant-based drink has been known locally for generations but is now becoming better known to the rest of the world. The secret is out and that secret is that Yerba Mate is great for you.

Yerba mate contains around half of the caffeine found in coffee beans and around twice the amount that is found in traditional teas. It contains a wealth of natural antioxidants which by now you should know are good for you, similar to the natural antioxidants found in fruit and vegetables. Of the great things about this drink is that it contains a natural ingredient called Matiene. Matiene is documented as giving you a metabolism and energy boost. Another really great effect is that it naturally kills those hunger cravings that we get when we really are not hungry which has the end result of naturally reducing the amount of empty calories that we would usually eat between meals.

If you have not tried Yerba Mate then I suggest that you do so for its natural health benefits. Unlike other caffeine filled products like coffee, having a lower ratio of caffeine means that you get an energy lift that will last three to fours hours while naturally stifling those phantom hunger pains that are causing you to eat more than you need to save you the time and energy of exercising to lose the additional weight.