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Planet Blue Shares These 7 Surprisingly Health Benefits of E-Cigs vs Smoking

E-cigs are pretty new to the market considering that they have been around for approximately a decade. Since they have not been part of the general public, especially when compared to conventional cigarette smoking, there are a lot of things that people still don’t understand.

Planet Blue recently shared 7 surprising health benefits of e-cigs that are worth knowing. Here is a quick overview of these benefits to help you understand the differences that exist between e-cigs and traditional cigarettes.

  • Eliminates Smoker’s Cough

E-cigs have been proven to eliminate the common ritual of ravaging your throat or hocking up phlegm every morning. The Smoker’s Cough is caused by toxins in the cigarette smoke, which damages the back of the smoker’s throat, leading to a build-up of mucus. On the contrary, e-cigs contain fewer toxins, and users will seldom experience this type of a cough.

  • Improved Blood Circulation

E-cigs are associated with better blood circulation compared to traditional cigarettes. Traditional cigarettes have high levels of carbon monoxide, which is known to wreak a lot of health havocs by replacing oxygen in the blood. Carbon monoxide binds to the hemoglobin, preventing oxygen from reaching vital body organs.

  • Improved taste

Several studies have confirmed that smoking lowers your sense of taste by flattening the taste buds, which in turn reduces their sensitivity. As highlighted above, vaping improves blood circulation, allowing the body to repair itself. Consequently, food will be much tastier.

  • Enhances easy breathing

Conventional cigarettes have a wide range of toxins and carcinogens which gives your lungs a hard time to operate optimally. In particular, hydrogen cyanide is known to prevent the lungs from clearing itself as expected. The toxins may also cause your lungs to swell, constricting air flow. E-cigs don’t have hydrogen cyanide and toxins, hence more healthy and allow your lungs to heal faster.

  • Eliminates second-hand smoke risks

One of the common upsetting demerits of smoking conventional cigarettes is the risks they pose to other people in your environment. On the contrary, e-cigs don’t create side streams from their tip and are toxin-free. Therefore, they pose minimal risks to people in your vicinity. This implies that you can always enjoy e-cigs without any guilt.

  • Nicotine and addiction

There is no doubt that e-cigs can also be addictive. But exposure to nicotine varies, depending on the e-liquid, the device used, and vaper’s practices. For instance, there is substantial evidence that the nicotine intake from e-cigs, when used by an experienced adult, is lower than conventional cigarettes. This means that experienced e-cigs users may be less addicted compared to traditional tobacco smokers.  

  • Free from bad odor and tooth stains

The burning of tar, nicotine, and other substances in traditional cigarettes produces a wide range of by-products that cling to everything around you leaving unpleasant smell even long after you’ve put out the cigarette. Unlike the conventional burning of chemicals through smoking, e-cigs functions with vapors that you inhale, leaving minimal or no smell at all. What’s more, the vapors you produce dissipate into the air faster, leaving non-existent scents (and sometimes pleasant aroma depending on the flavor of the e-cig). In other words, e-cigs smells better, have non-persistent odors, and will seldom discolor your teeth or make your skin yellow. 


When comparing e-cigs and traditional cigarettes, there is a wide range of aspects that should be taken into considerations. However, going by these benefits shared by Planet Blue, e-cigs are clear winners. The only thing that may throw a bit of shade on e-cigs are their long-term effects, something that only meticulous research will unveil.  For high-quality e-cig products and devices, check Planet Blue’s website; you are likely to find new Planet Blue coupons on on a wide range of e-cig brands as well as other household items.