Podiatry medical instruments for a perfect pedicure

Self-care is anything you find nourishing. It boosts both your mental and physical health, releasing happy hormones like serotonin. Getting your nails done is all about self-care.

It is important to ask your pedicurist if the instruments have been sterilized. Having high quality pedicure tools changes the game for both professionals and customers. Being aware of what your stylist is doing to your nails is going to get you a better service in the salon.

However, this article is not just for professionals. If you are a pedicure enthusiast, you can buy the right instruments and give yourself a treat.

Top Pedicure Instruments

Let us talk about some pedicure tools that are also surgical instruments for high end suppliers and manufacturers:

Cuticle Scissors:

These are used for trimming and cutting nails. Being the thinnest scissors in the market, they have a pointy tip that helps in getting rid of hangnails and frayed tissues.

Tissue and Cuticle Nipper:

This is one of the most renowned podiatry instruments. It separates or removes soft tissues such as cuticles from the nailbed, nail edges, and food ulcers. The curved or concave blades help in accessing the internal edges of the nails.

Beale Spatula 

This is widely used to separate nail beds from the nail plate with a blunt probe end and an edge resembling a teardrop.

Podiatry chisel:

This is used to realign the nails and remove the gel nail polish.

Nail File:

This is used to gently smooth out the edges of the nails. The overall finish of the pedicure widely depends on a good quality nail filer. A nail filer also helps in shaping the nails. It is not recommended to go for round nails for the pedicure as there’s a high chance for ingrown toenails.

Nail Buffer:

Nail buffers fill the ridges of the nail and makes them look shiny. However, the instrument does not damage the nearby nail skin.

Toe Separator

A toe separator is used to separate toes when applying a nail polish. Also, it helps the stylist to apply topical creams and clean the middle of the toes.

Why are pedicures important?

Getting a pedicure is so important because it keeps your feet clean and moisturized. 

In short, washing your feet alone won’t take away the skin debris and grime. Below are reasons why a pedicure is needed so often:

  • They help in skin exfoliation and calluses off your feet.
  • It keeps your feet tidy by keeping bacterial, fungal infections, blisters and cracks at bay.
  • Grooming nails prevent painful chipping and breakage.  
  • Massages during pedicures boosts blood circulation that help the different acupressure points. 

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