Senior Kitchen Dangers: Essential Benefits Of A Caretaker

In the event of a fire, knowing what to do can save your life and that of your loved one. The elderly aged 65 years are twice likely to get injured or killed by fires. This is in comparison to the rest of the population.

With the increase in the elderly population, the need and benefits of a caretaker have never become so important.

There are several instances where the elderly are likely to start a kitchen fire. For starters, loose clothing may catch fire while cooking. If family members are not present, it can lead to serious injuries or even death.

Another instance is where older adults forget to turn off a kitchen appliance. If a short circuit occurs, a fire will start. This has a likelihood of burning down the home if not detected early.

Why I should hire a caretaker? To keep the elderly safe and away from kitchen fires. Want to know more reasons why a caretaker is vital?

Read on to learn the benefits of a caretaker.

1. Keep the Kitchen Safe

As said earlier, there is a likelihood for a senior citizen to leave the stove on. If a frying pan with oil was on the stove, a fire can start. With a caretaker in place, senior kitchen dangers will cease.

A caretaker will take over the kitchen duties. Whether it’s frying, boiling, grilling or broiling food, he will perform the duties. After cooking, the caregiver will make sure all kitchen appliances are turned off.

This keeps the cooking area from catching fire. Another issue that a caretaker will handle is hot food. If the pots are close to the front, one may bump into them and get injured in case of a spill.

By placing the pots toward the back, you get to avoid accidents.

The elderly take drugs to cope with pain. Side effects include making one sleepy or mild headache. Feeling drowsy while cooking can lead to serious injuries.

2. Keep Smokers Away

Millions of Americans smoke and the seniors are not an exception. It is common to find seniors relying on medical oxygen. This supplements oxygen as a result of hypoxia or hypoxemia.

Medical oxygen can spark and catch fire. This is true if the oxygen is not turned off. Even when the medical oxygen tank is off, it can still catch fire.

With a caregiver present, such incidents will not occur. Why? The caregiver will set certain rules. For starters, he or she will confine smoking outdoors away from the medical oxygen.

When it comes to putting out the cigarettes, he will ensure that deep and sturdy ashtrays are in use. Before disposing of the cigarette butts, he will put water on the cigarette butts.

Last but not least, he will enforce the no smoking rule while in bed or when one is drowsy.

3. Keep Pets Clear Around the Kitchen Stove

Among Americans, the idea of pet ownership is in their psyche. No matter where they live or how old they are, they believe in owning a pet. One thing you need to understand is that pets provide companionship.

As such, they eliminate feelings of loneliness.

This has a direct impact on the individual’s physical and mental health. In fact, 90% of pet owners agree that pets have a positive impact on your health. While pets provide the much-needed companionship for seniors, they can be a danger in the kitchen.

Imagine this. A senior is preparing food in the kitchen. While he or she is doing so, the cat is playing between his legs. If he transfers the hot pot without checking the cat at his feet, he may end up tripping or get startled by the cat.

In this case, he can drop the hot pot on the floor which may end up burning his feet and legs. Or, he can spill the hot food on his chest leading to serious injuries. Having caregiver prepare meals for seniors helps to ensure such accidents do not occur.

The caregiver will enforce a meter free zone around the kitchen stove for your cat and even for visiting kids.

4. Keep Fire Suppression Devices Working

Unattended cooking is one of the leading causes of fires. Thanks to technology, homeowners can now equip their kitchens with fire suppression devices. These devices are normally activated by the presence of flames.

As such, they help to keep cooking fires from spreading past the stovetop. Not only that. They help homeowners avoid insurance claims and losses. Also, they reduce labor costs and maintenance.

You may be wondering how a range hood fire suppression device works. Well, it has a commercial strength magnet that securely anchors it to the inside of the range hood. In case of a fire, the device is triggered and fire suppressant powder discharged.

As one of the benefits of a caretaker, he helps to ensure that fire suppression devices are in place. In case of a malfunction, necessary steps will ensure a new one is installed.

5. Keep a Lonely Senior Company

A caretaker is trained to offer the best help and health care to seniors. They do so with the goal of making one’s life better. Apart from keeping your kitchen safe, a caretaker can:

Do light housekeeping


Personal care assistance

Medication reminders

He or she can also drive a senior to appointments, provide walking help and more. The good thing about a caretaker is that he puts the needs of the senior, first. Not only will he work on your schedule but he keeps to your routine too.

The dedicated caregiver will treat your loved one with compassion, respect, and kindness. In fact, relationships with a vast majority of caregivers are warm and friendly. Not cold and distant.

Benefits of a Caretaker for Your Loved One

There are many benefits of a caretaker. Apart from taking care of your loved one and keeping him safe from kitchen fires, a caretaker will assist with daily chores. By doing so, he reduces stress around the home and relieves much of the burden on seniors and their families.

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