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Skin Care: A Secret to Look Young and Healthy

No matter how old you get, your heart always remains young. You always like to look pretty and appealing to all. The biggest hurdle in this connection is the process of aging which can never be stopped. Aging affects each and every cell of your body, particularly the skin of your face and hands. In order to minimize the adverse effects of aging, you must always be particular about your skin care.

Besides aging, direct exposure to sunlight and all types of unfavourable weather conditions also hit your face and hands. The sensitive skin of these two organs also gets badly affected by the kind and amount of diet you are having. The more you are vigilant towards skin care, the more you will keep looking young and healthy.

What is skin care in actual?      

Skin care means taking regular steps to keep your skin in the original, natural texture to make you look younger. It involves all the precautions and remedies you should undertake to cope with aging, sunlight, adverse weather conditions, unbalanced diet, etc. All these factors influence the structure and composition of your skin and make it wrinkled, sagging, spotted, etc.

Sometimes, very young people get adversely affected by certain genetic makeup and environmental factors and start looking aged prematurely. Here, the skin care plays its role and tries to restore the originality by fighting against the early signs of aging. Normally, your skin has a natural skin care tendency to heal and cure itself both from time to time and gradually. But, a number of anti wrinkle serums, best skin care products, etc. also do the trick in this regard.

What your skin is composed of and what it does?

The following is the main composition of your skin and its major functions.


Your skin has a layered structure and the following three layers are its main parts.

  • The outermost part containing skin cells, pigments and proteins. Its biological name is Epidermis.
  • The middle part containing blood vessels, nerves, hair follicles and oil glands and providing nutrients to the epidermal layer. This layer is called Dermis in the medical line.
  • Under the Dermis lies the innermost layer called the subcutaneous layer containing sweat glands, fats, some hair follicles and blood vessels.
  • All the layers are equipped with the connective tissues of two major types: Collagen fibres and Elastin fibres. Collagen fibres provide support while Elastin fibres confer flexibility and strength.


Your skin does a lot beneficial, but the following four are the major ones.


  • It feels touch, pain and pressure due to the presence of nerve receptors.
  • It enables the body to control fluid and electrolyte balance.
  • It helps control and regulate your body temperature.
  • It does a lot to protect you against the environmental factors and their abrupt changes.


How sunlight can cause skin changes

Most of your skin changes are related to sun exposure for a longer period. Sunlight can cause the loss of elasticity, noncancerous skin growths, pigment changes like liver spots, skin cancer of various types, thickening of skin, etc. Preventive measures can help a lot keep your skin healthy and fit and make you look far younger. Prevention is a lifelong process because most of the skin damages are caused by frequent and prolonged sun exposure. For more information check out

The best ways for the skin care    

Following are some of the best ways for your skin care. You must follow them regularly if you want to remain healthy and look younger.  


  • If it is possible for you to prevent sunburn, do it at the earliest.
  • Try your maximum to keep your skin moist with lotions or moisturizers from Timeless Skin Care or some other source.  
  • Whether it is summer or winter, always use a quality sunscreen whenever you are outdoors.
  • Develop the habit of wearing protective clothing and always cover your head with a handsome hat.
  • Always be very much cautious about your diet. The minor nutritional deficiencies may result in rashes, skin lesions and other skin changes even though you don’t show any other symptoms. Fresh vegetables, fruits, juices, milk, nuts, eggs, meat of all kinds, carbohydrates of good quality all in the best proportions keep your skin fresh and tight.
  • Daily intake of about 8 glasses of fresh water proves great in this connection, for dehydration always increases the risk of skin injury.  
  • Try your maximum to keep your skin moist with lotions or moisturizers from Timeless Skin Care or some other source.


Hence, it is quite obvious from the above discussion that skin care is part and parcel to maintain a good health.