Some Facts You Should Know Before Going for Botox

You must have seen many celebrities with botox and lip fillers job done!

Are you also interested in enhancing your facial features with the same?

If yes, then before proceeding further you must know some facts about it that will help you understand and decide better. It is very important to get Botox injections from a reliable provider only.

It Does Not Vanish Wrinkles Completely

There is a misconception that botox get rid of all fine lines. It is essential to know that botox only eliminates the wrinkles made from expressions. It visually removes the wrinkles by relaxing the muscles. You cannot get rid of the ones that you that remain stationary when you look at the mirror, that we called static wrinkles.

So, if you are concerned about those, then you need to consult your dermatologist who may help you out smoothening it with some laser treatments. Botox is also used in other areas as well. Dr. Cabin uses this technique to enhance the patient’s features.

Let’s Understand Botox Deeply

Do you really know the meaning of botox?

If no, continue reading to get all the details.

You often heard the term “Botox”, but it is one of the types of neurotoxin in the market. Other neurotoxins are Dysport and Xeomin which are FDA approved in 2009 and 2011 respectively.

Xeomin is one of the purified neurotoxins, also called a “naked molecule,” because it doesn’t contain any extra surface proteins, unlike Botox and Dysport do. This “pure” neurotoxin penetrates deeper into the skin, works faster, and poses less risk of an allergic reaction.

Dysport tends to expand a little more than Botox, so it’s suitable for areas that would else need multiple injections. It also moves in faster than the other two. It also tends to show effects after two to three days unlike eight to ten days with Botox, and six to seven days with Xeomin.

This will surely help you decide further to try different neurotoxins; you might find you like one brand better than the others.

It Settles Down With Time

Botox takes six to seven days to strike in, but the full effect becomes visible after two weeks. Everyone’s experience is distinguished! Let’s say; some may feel like they have something stick to the forehead, some may feel they can’t make the right expression as they move their face or some find it funny at first.

Now, it is exceptionally essential that you consult an experienced dermatologist as it can look worst if done improperly.

For instance, it can lift your brows down instead of lifting up.

It Is Not a One Day Job

The best thing about botox is you look brighter and smoother version of yourself, but not plastic if the process is done correctly. You often get compliments on your looks and features.

However, to prevent looking frigid, make sure to ask your plastic surgeon how many units you are getting. Do not be impulsive while getting botox! Everyone’s face and body are different, there is no fixed number, but if you know the beginning it will help your future decisions.

Research A Lot While Selecting Your Dermatologist

Regardless of any body part, botox is permanent! So, sit and think twice before proceeding further. Do your research well, as an inexperienced surgeon can go wrong.

Thinking of a needle going toward your forehead, in between your eyes, at your eyebrows or on your lips might be a little daunting, but rest assured, not only is Botox FDA-approved, but it’s a very common and popular procedure. It’s mainly used for cosmetic reasons, but it also plays a significant role in other health concerns.


It has been a while that millions of people have had Botox done safely and effectively all over the world. However, It is crucial to remember that Botox is safest when used by a board certified dermatologist or a plastic surgeon.”

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