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The Basics Of Barbells – Everything You’ll Need For A Flawless Home Gym

As the fitness industry continues to grow, we find many individuals joining commercial gyms or, alternatively, setting up personal home gyms. Personal home gyms can be great if they’re set up correctly, although home gyms usually require high upfront investment, due to the heavy expense associated with equipment of this nature.

In order to make this process easier, we have created a guide on everything you’ll need for a flawless home gym.


Before even thinking about equipment and extras, one must consider where they are going to set up their home gym. This step requires some creativity, especially for those that aren’t backed by a significant amount of initial funding. It is best to ensure a decent amount of room for several different machines and cardio equipment, with the inclusion of ground space to perform exercises like stretching. When creating a home gym, most people will decide to transform a spare room, garage, or study room into a gym. These are all great ideas, although ensuring at least a 3×3 metre space is a great rule to go off.


One thing that always seems to be forgotten and ignored is gym flooring. The common choice is foam tiles as they are cheap, easy to clean and offer enough comfort and cushion to provide a soft flooring solution. This material makes it ideal for those who do floor work, such as sit-ups or stretching, but also acts as a protection when weights are dropped or slammed on the floor. Furthermore, if you’re looking to introduce an element of style and creativity into your flooring, you can purchase foam titles of various colours and lock them together to create patterns and develop a cohesive visual theme for your home gym.

Cardio Equipment

The goals you put forward when exercising will determine which equipment you need to buy. With the large variety of cardio equipment and their skyrocketing price tags, choosing which equipment to purchase requires careful consideration. Great options that are financially-friendly include boxing bags, jump ropes and exercise balls, however, if your budget is towards the higher end you can opt for a treadmill, spin bike or rowing machine. You can even include little extras, like resistance bands or ankle weights, as a little addition to get more out of your home gym workout.

Weight Training Equipment

It is wise to ensure the inclusion of weight training equipment among cardio equipment in order to get a regular well-rounded workout routine. Your personal fitness goals and budget will also have a massive influence on what equipment you include however gym retailers understand this and provide machines that offer vast versatility in their functionality.

For example, you can purchase machines that offer movements that can be beneficial to your chest, biceps, triceps, back, shoulders and legs. Opting for a machine that offers versatility will save you money, however, including basic things like a gym bench, dumbbells, kettlebells and resistance bands can take your weight training session from good to even better.


The benefits of listening to music during your workout can never be overstated. Studies have even proved the positive effect of music and how it can massively influence the quality of your workout. Sticking on your favourite album that gets you in a motivational mood and losing yourself during your exercise session allows you to clear your mind and focus.

As you can see, there are many elements that go into creating a home gym. However, ensuring you have enough space and incorporate sufficient flooring, in addition to the correct cardio and weightlifting equipment, will allow you to create a flawless home gym.

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