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The First Bite: 7 Tips on How to Consume Edibles for the Best Experience

Now that pot is gradually getting legalized in all corners of the planet, it’s time ganja adherents scale the ‘Rocky High Mountains’ in an exciting way; Marijuana-infused foods or “Medibles.”

Welcome to the exciting world of these cannabis-infused edibles. These THC-infused snacks, desserts, and beverages literally light up the streets of Colorado, the de facto global headquarters of Marijuana. You take a little stroll down a street, and all you’ll meet are a lot of beautiful truffles, suckers, and brownies, high-end chocolates, gummies and candies, all weed-infused.

Would you like to taste weed edibles for the very first time?

Sure, the high is different from that of a pipe, bong or a joint in that it doesn’t leave that ‘instant high’ hit. Also, the bite is downright delicious, which rightly makes it a popular favorite for foodie ganja lovers. But you will be forgiven for thinking that edibles have a lesser high effect compared to smoking a joint!

The “unexpected highs” that have knocked down all inexperienced users, led by New York Times columnist, Maureen Dowd, who felt it first-hand say it all. But, here’s where you can read more about how a newbie edibles user can enjoy the first experience.

For now, though, these are the tips for you, if you are tasking your first bites of marijuana edibles:

Don’t eat on an empty stomach

On an empty stomach, marijuana can wreak havoc. This golden rule should always be observed, even when it comes to edibles.

Before you start your journey into ‘Wonderland,’ make sure that you eat well and to your fill. Don’t let the medicated brownies come before a heavy meal, no matter what. Take this as your doctor’s prescription.


Find a cool, comfy spot

Eating edibles ought to be when you’re relaxing, perhaps after the close of business or when you are lazing with friends in a calm, relaxing setting. This is highly recommended and rightly so that if things go south and the spin starts, you’ll be at home, among those who you can relate with.

Also, if it’s your first adventure, have someone you can easily relate with by your side so that you don’t feel anxious. The comfort of familiarity will bring profound peace and tranquility. Therefore, identify a cool chill spot and gather your gang so that you can relax together.

Start small and concentrate on your first doses

Most of those who take marijuana edibles point-blank do end up with a rather negative experience. First is the unpleasantly overwhelming unexpected high that knows no age, gender, mental health level or amount of marijuana consumed before. And so rife is it that, as per a study by RTI International and published in Drug and Alcohol Dependence, states that have legalized marijuana use, see it as a big problem.

Just like what renowned budtenders say, before you grab a bite of your THC-infused cookies, check to see how potent the cookie is. Don’t play Russian roulette with your first experience of it. Instead, study the THC/CBD content indicated with caution. A standard dose is 10mg, and it is recommended that a newbie starts with half that amount.

Remember, there’s no harm adding the other 5mg once you are satisfied that the first bit didn’t shake you much. With time, your body will get accustomed with it and, step by step, you earn the veteran status.

Mind your tolerance

Now that you’ve understood the essence of “microdosing,” it’s equally important that you use an edible made from a marijuana strain your body can tolerate. Typically, a low THC tolerance is to blame for the negative experience, especially that feeling of paranoia. But feeling dizzy, anxious and confused is acceptable after a couple of bites.

The worst mistake you can commit is to try and keep up with the veterans. They probably know their limits and will not experience nasty side effects compared to you.

Relax, be patient and don’t take booze

I know, it may take a while for that mega high to kick in, yet lots of other delicious looking weed snacks are still before you. But don’t let that false feeling that you are the real OG of marijuana-infused cookies lie to you to mindlessly snack on handfuls!

It’s hard to say precisely how long it will take before it takes effect. In some people, it takes minutes while for others, it can go for an hour or even more. So, try to remain calm and wait for it while staying within your limits. Remember, it’s better to experience an underwhelming high than to go down the bumpy ride because trust me, you’ll hate it.

Another very critical tip: NEVER mix liquor with edibles. Don’t do it!

It’s okay to sip a beer while smoking a joint. But the moment you mix booze with those brownies, cookies or candies, rest assured the ensuing spinning sensation will make you curse the entire package. Take some water or a fruit drink instead.

Remain calm and responsible

It is incredibly important to remain grounded and enjoy your treat without creating needless drama. Be a responsible advocate of marijuana-infused edibles, both by your words and actions, even when you are high AF!

When you feel intensely high, get some water. You can also sit, close your eyes and take a deep breath. Trust me; nobody has ever died of getting high so don’t feel like the world’s ending. The worst you can do is to act dumb, fight or get injured because of your stupidity. As aforementioned, if you experience anything, act calm and enjoy so that your first experience ends up a blissful one.

To wrap this up…


The potency of edibles depends on the strain of marijuana used. However, to be safe, start with the standard dose of 10mg, of course, in moderation. Don’t go for the next portion until the effect has kicked in, usually 3hrs after the first snacks. Finally, remember that getting high on an empty stomach is a crime punishable by the edibles themselves.