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The Lethargic Lament – How to Get Your Energy Levels Back on Track

Life continues to get busy, only now there is more things to distract us and the number of devices and platforms we are plugged into is growing. However, in a fast paced world, how do you get your energy levels back on track? Not surprisingly, there is no special pill that will right your body and have your performing at your peak. But a combination of health advice, diet, exercise and the right kind of down time will get you on the right path and you should see a difference almost immediately.

Have a check up

You may not think that lethargy is worthy of a visit to the doctor, but it could be a symptom for something greater. Visiting a doctor in South Melbourne means you can have a full check-up and eliminate any of the more serious illness’ associated with lethargy; celiac, diabetes and anemia.

Ask your doctor if there are any supplements or vitamins you can add to your routine that can give you an extra hit. Let’s remember that the average adult sits inside all day, seated, and then drives or catches public transport home. Limited exposure to sunshine, and focused attention on computer screens and phones do take their toll.

Diet, diet, diet

The dreaded D word. It might surprise you that your diet doesn’t just affect the waistline, but it also influences your energy levels. Predictably so, all the high sugar and high acidity food and drinks give you a moment of energy and then they fatigue you quite quickly.

Start your day with a bowl of porridge, the meal will slowly release energy over the next few hours giving you level energy and actually keeping those hunger pangs at bay. Almonds, greek yogurt and berries are great snacks during the day to give you energy, even on those days that never seem to end. Try and balance your dinner with 50% greens (spinach and rocket) and 50% meat (chicken and fish).


Wait, exercise gives you energy? If this is a head scratcher to you, than you have been missing out on a key way to get your energy levels on track. If you live a sedentary life, chances are you struggle with lethargy. Getting your heart rate up and your blood pumping releases endorphins. These endorphins give you energy and keep your mind and body more engaged through the day. Another advantage of regular exercise is that it helps you sleep better, which also makes up the bigger picture of an energised and balanced you.

Down time

This doesn’t just mean sleep. It’s any time where you are not working and engaging in an activity for pleasure. Now no one should dictate how you relax and unwind, but the fact is there are better ways to prepare your body for relaxation and get the most out of this scared time.

Declare your bedroom a phone-free, food-free, work-free and TV-free zone. Do all that stuff in your living spaces and leave your bedroom as a place to read and sleep only. This will give your body the signal of relaxation and will mean you spend less time trying to fall asleep (scrolling through your phone) and more time relaxing your body.

There is so much conflicting information out there on ho to get energy and how to use it. And while each of us are unique, the matter of health, diet, exercise and sleep still rings true through fads and phases. You only get one body, so start giving it what it needs and listening to what it is telling you.