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Top 5 Treadmill Exercise Tips and Mistakes


top 5 treadmill exercise tips and mistakes

#1: Don’t Hold On

Many times you’ll see people holding on to the treadmills hand rails or the front bar. In general, if you need to hold onto the rails or front bar, you’re not getting full benefit from the workout because your entire weight isn’t being used to move you forward.

It’s far better to reduce speed and/or incline, thereby using proper form. Your workouts will be more effective in the long run.

#2: Challenge Yourself

The workouts we’ve posted on this site are designed to keep you engaged, while at the same time providing an adaptable, challenging workout. Our treadmill class instructor uses a phrase which underscores the concept of challenging yourself: Become comfortable at making yourself uncomfortable. Translated: You’ll only improve your fitness level and reach your fitness goals if you challenge yourself. Continually ask yourself: Am I really making the progress I want? If your honest, truthful answer is no, you need to make better use of your workout time by challenging yourself.

#3: Drink Water during Your Workout

During recovery periods of your treadmill workout, drink some water and rehydrate yourself. It sounds simple, but you’d be amazed at how much more you’ll feel refreshed both during and after the workout. By the time you’re thirsty, you’re already beginning to become dehydrated. It’s beneficial if you have a water bottle that you can use while running.

#4: It Might Be the Shoes

It’s a good idea to change your running shoes every few months, or at least twice per year depending on frequency of use. Your feet will thank you for it and you’ll be amazed at how much better your performance is with a new, fresh pair of shoes. Take a look at our ‘How to find the right running shoes‘ if you have problems with your shoes.

#5: Participate In Group Treadmill Classes

Not everyone belongs to a gym or health club, but if you do, you may notice the increasing popularity of group treadmill classes.

Our gym offers group treadmill classes and the group setting provides an extra motivational boost. The right instructor can really help you realize your fitness goals, and it’s also a good way to meet like minded fitness enthusiasts.

top 5 treadmill exercise tips and mistakes

Common Treadmill Mistakes

One of the best things about treadmill workouts is their relative simplicity. In fact, that’s the beauty of a treadmill they’re designed to be a straightforward piece of exercise equipment that will provide a great muscle toning and cardiovascular workout.

But just like any other type of fitness regimen or fitness equipment, there are a few common mistakes we tend to see over and over at the gym. The good news is, they are easily correctable

Are you doing any of the following? The best treadmills use for seniors and elderly can be found here.

Mistake #1: Never Varying Your Treadmill Workout

In a manner of speaking, a treadmill is as creative as you allow it to be. Most people who burn out on treadmill workouts get bored because they tend to do the same workout over and over and over.

We use a little mental test to see if were getting bored with a workout or not

If we find our minds starting to drift during the workout, without the need to concentrate on the task at hand that means it’s probably time for a change. If the workout becomes a yawner, chances were not giving out best, and if we’ve carved out the time for a workout, why not make it worthwhile?

That’s the main reason why Amy Beatty published her Book ‘Treadmill Workout‘. It contains 90 workouts and costs merely $12. 

And generally speaking, that’s our rule of thumb change up the treadmill workout every two weeks. Not only does it keep things mentally fresh, but it continually challenges your body to improve!

top 5 treadmill exercise tips and mistakes

Mistake #2: Holding the Handrails

While this is more of beginner phenomenon it’s something that should be avoided

We completely understand the need for balance and stability on the treadmill. If you feel the need to hold on to the front or side rails because yore unsteady, yore much better off lowering the speed so you can walk or jog more comfortably. To be frank trying to jog while holding onto the rails is dangerous and can result in a sprained ankle or worse.

Some treadmills are equipped with heart rate sensers on the hand rails, which leads people to hold on to them tightly throughout their workout. But if you think about it, holding on to something detracts from your natural stride, not only causing a safety hazard, but preventing you from getting the most benefit from your workout. Think about walking or running outdoors. Do you hold onto anything outdoors? Of course not so why would you do so on a treadmill?

If you want to monitor your heart rate, invest in a heart rate monitor. They’re useful for all types of cardio fitness activities, like indoor cycling classes or when using the Stairmaster, in addition to the treadmill. We find they’re far more accurate than the monitors on treadmill handrails anyways.

So bottom line, be safe and don’t hold onto the front or side handrails

Mistake #3: Lack of a Proper Warm Up and Cool Down

This is another surefire way to invite injury into your life

Always allow your body and your muscles ample time to warm up before tackling the most difficult part of your workout. Of course, you should allow as long as you need for both, so if three minutes doesn’t seem like enough to you, by all means warm up (or cool down) a few minutes more

top 5 treadmill exercise tips and mistakes

Go run on the treadmill or go run outdoor?

The treadmill continues to be a popular machine in gyms, and rightfully so because it allows people to emulate running motions without necessarily providing them with harsher conditions that the outdoors naturally has. While extensively running can provide you with benefits and challenges, you can always weigh out which running environments are better for you. So should your run on the treadmill or outdoor running?

Benefits of a Treadmill

Technically, it should be much more comfortable for anybody to run on the treadmill since there is no natural wind resistance. This is why some people choose to maintain the comfort in their own homes, but still want to work out which then brings them the option of buying a treadmill. Treadmill workouts may be easier in the sense that you can always choose what pace or difficulty you want, but technology has allowed the running machine to simulate outdoor running too. Runners who set the treadmill to a 1% grade may find that running on the treadmill requires the same effort as running outside.

Benefits of Running

On the other hand, some people may want to go all natural, which is why their preference for outdoor running is higher than that of treadmill running. Most marathon runners may be found practicing and maintaining their strengths on the natural field. Most runners who want as minimal impact as possible may be found using the treadmill. Perhaps the most worthy treadmill price you can pay is that it can still allow you to exercise when the outdoor conditions are bad. This is why you are not totally cheating yourself when it comes to utilizing the treadmill.

top 5 treadmill exercise tips and mistakes


When it comes to running outside, it’s important for you to know what could possibly happen. If you’re used to running on the treadmill but want to take a chance to experience natural ground, you should take extra consideration of the precautions before you start. First, outdoor running can wear you out a great deal more since the terrain can vary and change. This means you are required to put in more substantial effort. Moreover, there is a natural wind resistance which your upper body may have to fight. Some people like this level of difficulty since it makes them get used to it, which ultimately helps them in competitions or marathons.

Treadmill or outdoor running?

Outdoor running can also require more protection for your feet and the rest of your body. While the treadmill can present you with interval options, distance is what you have to cover when you go outdoor running. You may have to settle in for more resilient and well-padded shoes when you run outside. It’s also important to note that running outside can cause you more strenuous impact, so it is only natural that you feel a lot more worn out than you usually do on the treadmill. Never make it a point to over-exert yourself because running on the treadmill and running outside are different, although they only require the same motion. If you want to practice running, you may buy a treadmill and start slowly. If you want a good challenge, try the outdoors.

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