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What Causes Hair Loss in Women?

Women may possibly experience hair loss for numerous reasons. Hair loss, on the other hand, may be presented in different ways depending on the cause. But the big question is what causes hair loss in women. In the actual fact, anything from hormonal changes and stress to medical conditions might be the real culprit. Nevertheless, let’s take a deeper look at the different causes of hair loss in women.

Seven Causes of Hair Loss in Women


  • Supplements and medications


Hair loss might be one of the side effects of particular drugs like those utilized for high blood, gout, heart issues, depression, arthritis, as well as cancer.


  • Hair treatment and hairstyles


As well all know, most women tend to use hair treatment and wear different hairstyle frequently. Unfortunately, excessive hairstyle or hairstyling which pull the hair tight like cornrows and pigtails may cause traction alopecia – a common type of hair loss.

On the other hand, hot oil and other hair treatments can also cause inflammation of follicles which may lead to hair loss. Further, if scarring takes place, then it could be a permanent hair loss.


  • Heredity or Family History


One of the most common causes of hair loss in women is the hereditary condition known as female-pattern baldness. Usually, this condition gradually occurs in with aging as well as in foreseeable patterns – thinning hair in ladies.  


  • Stress


Stress can literally make the hair fall out. Furthermore, stress can trigger various scalp problems like dandruff, mess with your digestive system, and even disturb eating habits. In fact, all of which can bring a bad effect on your hair. Mostly, hair loss that is caused by stress is just temporary.

Fortunately, hair loss can be prevented using coconut oil and even pumpkin seed oil. Either way, you can visit Hairverse to find the different benefits of using these oils when it comes to preventing hair loss.


  • Anemia or Iron Deficiency


Iron deficiency is considered a common cause of hair loss, especially in women. Keep in mind that Iron plays a very important role when it comes to generating hair cell protein. So without it, your hair strands will definitely suffer.  


  • Vitamin B12 Deficiency


This deficiency causes hair loss because it affects the health of your red blood cells that carry oxygen to the tissues. Vitamin B12 deficiency is common in vegetarians since they can only get vitamin B12 from animal proteins.


  • Age


If you are about to enter or going through menopause, the changes in your body might have an effect on the hair. Actually, hair loss turns out to be more prevalent after and during menopause. Having that said, it is crucial to realize that your hair ages. Further, as you get older your gets finer naturally. Remember, it is a usual part of getting old process.

There you have it the seven common causes of hair loss. Either way, if you think you are suffering from this disease make sure to consult an expert before taking any medication or treatment.