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What shoes for plantar fasciitis?

If you are dealing with plantar fasciitis pain then it is always better not to compromise on the quality of shoes you wear. Makes sure you choose the right footwear that helps you deal with the heel pain. Of course the best shoes for plantar fasciitis absorb shock while you are running or walking.

Do not worry the best plantar fasciitis shoes come at an affordable cost too. You may be wondering as why you need shoes for especially designed for plantar fasciitis? The reason is that foot disease causes damage to your feet. Many people often experience pain right after they wake up from bed in the morning. The pain may reduce later during the day and some other symptoms that you may experience due to plantar fasciitis are

  • Redness
  • Tightness in calf muscles
  • Swelling
  • Soreness/stiffness in foot mostly in arch and heel
  • Burning sensation in sole of the foot
  • Problems while climbing stairs or getting down the stairs.


What are the perfect shoes that help with plantar fasciitis?

The first thing that you should do is to discuss with your doctor before you actually come out with self diagnosis of having plantar fasciitis. The doctor can diagnose and check the system to figure out if your foot isn’t damaged to an extent that you need physical therapy.

Once your doctor suggests you the right treatment then you can consider the following features to look for when you decide to buy plantar fasciitis shoes at PlantarFasciitisShoesGuru.

  • The heel base should be broad so that the shoes absorb shock
  • Soles that can be removed
  • Heel cup should be deep
  • Should have support or back straps
  • No heavy designers, choose lighter designs
  • Accurate broad toe boxes
  • Cushioned footbeds
  • The shoes can be flat or in case they have heels, they should not exceed 2-3 inches in height. Do not opt for high heels.
  • Rock motion technology that fights the heel stress


Basically, the ideal shoes for plantar fasciitis should provide good arch support as well as footbeds. Certainly, the ideal shoes should use light materials and have soles that can be removed so that you can fit in custom orthotics. If you want to go for sandals/clogs then make sure they come with back support or back strap. This is essential to get the right grip for your foot when they are in shoes.


Choose the one that suits you better

Make sure you visit a store and try the shoes to get the right fit.  Of course shopping online can be a good idea, but make sure they have flexible return policies so that in case you do not get the right fit you can return them.

Advantages of wearing support shoes instead of normal shoe for heel pain


With so many options on the internet for plantar fasciitis footwear, you will always get a pair of shoes that is tailored to meet your needs.

There are advantages of wearing support shoes especially designed to deal with plantar fasciitis foot condition over wearing a normal shoe to fight heel pain.

When you look at support shoes they give you the right arch support and the insoles as well as midsoles are designed to give your foot right shock absorption. They are designed to give you all the comfort you need to deal with plantar fasciitis pain.

On the other hand, normal shoes mainly are designed to take care of other aspects. They aren’t actually designed taking plantar fasciitis into consideration. No doubt, they too are designed keeping in mind the comfort and breathability factor but may not offer the foot support you need to deal with heel pain.

They may be comfortable but you may not get the support you need to correct improper steps. This means they aren’t designed to support you while walking in improper form.

Trial and Error process

You may go through a process of trial and error as which pair of shoes works best to support your plantar fasciitis condition, but at the end when you find the right fit, you will be able to continue walking or running wearing them comfortably.

Many people quite their fitness regime because of this foot condition as walking or running becomes a nightmare for them with heel pain. But, choosing the right pair of shoe for plantar fasciitis surely gives them the freedom to continue their fitness regime and start running and walking to stay fit. You simply can’t give up on you fitness activities because of heel pain as it can gain a lot of weight in return. Rather spend some time finding the right pair of shoes for plantar fasciitis to continue carrying out your daily activities.

Selecting the right pair of plantar fasciitis shoes is really important because as an individual we all have different walking pattern. No matter what walking pattern you have, you will get a pair of shoe that supports your individual needs.

There are chances that a pair of shoes that works great for one individual may not suit the needs of other. If you are bit not sure which ones to buy you can also go for recommendations before you buy a pair of shoes?


You can go through medical journals, forums that discuss about foot pain, reviews on different sites to know how the product works and if it will suit you. Do not lose patience as you will soon find pair of shoes that pampers your foot. Do not ignore your heel pain and choose normal shoes when you are suffering from plantar fasciitis. The shoes designed for plantar fasciitis are designed keeping in mind the conditions and the level of pain that the sufferers go through thus they provide perfect arch support, soft cushioning to keep your heel pain away while you are walking or running.

A perfect pair of plantar fasciitis shoes will certainly provide all the comfort and support you need for your heels.