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What Training is Best for Your Restaurant?

There are different types of training you can use to have a strong workforce. The Cheesecake Factory spent thousands to train their servers, dishwashers, and managers. They take their rigorous training programs very seriously. Servers make up 40 percent of the workforce. Food handlers and TABC certifications are provided just two weeks after training. Here are some of the best types of training for your restaurant business.


Technical Training

Technical training is a type of training that teaches employees about the aspects of the position. In a restaurant, servers need to know how to use the computer system to correctly process orders to the right tables. This type of training may be provided over a long period of time.


Ongoing training may be needed if your restaurant has switched to a new computer or operating system. It’s imperative for all of your servers to use this technology correctly. Technical training can be performed in-house but can also be outsourced to another company.


Quality Training

Quality training is extremely important for most restaurants. This teaches employees to detect, prevent, and eliminate non-quality food items. If you want your restaurant to provide a high level of service, you need to provide your employees with the knowledge to make sure all items are up to quality standards.


Numerous organizations such as the International Organization for Standards (ISO) measures quality on different factors. Training employees on quality standards, including ISO standards, can give your restaurant a competitive edge in the food industry. This type of training may be offered in-house, but your employees could also receive external training.


Skills Training

Skills training provides your employees with the type of training they need to perform the job. Skills training is another name for the things you learn to perform the job. Servers may need to learn customer service and what’s provided on the menu. They may also learn how to use the tools and supplies provided by your restaurant.


Team Training

Team training is not about training your employees to get along. It’s an intense training program that utilizes team-building exercises to help them improve their critical thinking, problem-solving, and team-development skills. This type of training occurs when new employees are working together or in the event of a merger or acquisition.


The most common types for this training include:


  • Improving team flow and productivity
  • Getting to know each other better
  • Motivating a team to work better together
  • Improving workplace morale
  • Making the workplace a better environment


Safety Training

Safety training is a type of training that ensures the safety of your employees. This type of training is focused on work-related accidents or food safety as well. Safety training is essential for organizations that use chemicals in their workplaces. Safety training can also include other factors such as food safety, fire drills, and workplace violations. It may include some or the following:


  • Asbestos training
  • Construction safety
  • Eye safety
  • First aid
  • Foodservice safety
  • Hazmat safety
  • Hearing safety


The Occupation Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) is the main federal agency that provides external training to cooks and food servers in America. Sometimes in-house training will cover safety and health regulation training.


There are several types of training programs that you can provide your employees. Some of the best types of training for restaurants include safety training, quality training, and skills training. From time to time, team training and technical training may be necessary. Take the time to determine the right type of training your employees will need to improve your restaurant business.