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When Should You Get Your Wisdom Tooth Extracted

All humans grow wisdom teeth somewhere between 17- 25 years of age. Till that time, the mouth prepares for the embedding of the wisdom teeth roots properly. While wisdom teeth do grow at a certain age, they don’t have any evident function. These are the vestigial organs that our ancestors had for eating raw vegetables, roots, and meat. Since they grow in the end of each jaw and grow really late, they cause many problems while growing. Here’s why wisdom teeth removal could be the only option for you.


While the wisdom tooth grows, there can be two kinds of pain. One is when the wisdom tooth emerges. The second, however, could be something else causing a problem in the emerging of the wisdom tooth. You can figure out the cause of the pain by visiting a dentist. If something is wrong, the dentist might suggest getting your wisdom tooth extracted.

Improper growth

Sometimes, a growing wisdom tooth might take up too much space while growing and grow wrongly. However, these cannot be taken care of by braces. The taking up of large space might cause crowding in your mouth. And when there is crowding, you might have to get your wisdom tooth extracted. For the same purpose, you can visit your dentist once and consult whether or not you need to get it removed.

Formation of cyst

When the wisdom tooth grows, it might cause building up of fluid in the sac next to your teeth. If that happens, you have to get the cyst treated. The doctor might even ask you to get your wisdom tooth extracted. If the cyst isn’t treated on time, it can cause a lot of problem for the root and bone. It can also grow to be a tumor and demand a surgery.

Difficulty in eating

For a lot of people eating becomes a big issue after or during the wisdom tooth grows. If that happens, you might need to get your wisdom tooth extracted. So many times, the food gets accumulated between the gums and on top of the teeth. This can also cause difficulty in cleaning and reaching the backside using a brush. When this happens, you can either talk to your dentist and look for products that can fix this problem or get it extracted.

Inflammation of the gums

As the wisdom tooth grows, sometimes a flap of gum tissues is created close to the tooth. This gum tissue has the ability to trap food particles and foster the growth of bacteria. This can cause inflammation of the gum and lead to a condition called pericoronitis. If this happens, you should get your wisdom tooth removed. While this is one cause of inflammation of the gum, this can also happen when the wisdom tooth is still inside the gum. Whatever it is, you should consult your dentist and get to know the right measures to be taken.

Crooked teeth

Wrong growth of the wisdom teeth can cause a complete shift in the proper alignment of teeth. One tooth might overlap the other or cause the other tooth to shift. It might even cause damage to the other teeth. In order to save you from having a complete misalignment of teeth and disturbing other teeth, the option is to get the wisdom teeth extracted.


Sometimes, when the wisdom teeth grow, they take up strange positions that are hard to clean. The food gets accumulated and the bacteria grow there. The bacteria eat up the teeth and cause a cavity that traps even more food. As the food gets accumulated, the cycle continues and it gets spread to the other teeth. This is why it is very important to get your wisdom tooth extracted before it causes a spread of the bacteria and cavity problem.


When the wisdom teeth of the upper jaw grow, they might as well cause sinus. As the teeth grow, they might push the points of sinus and exert a lot of pressure on them. While this may not happen to every person, it still is a big problem. The push can cause severe headache, sinus pain, and even congestions.

Any of these reasons can demand a wisdom teeth removal. However, you can’t decide the removal of the wisdom tooth by yourself. You have to consult a dentist and be sure about the extraction of the teeth. And once the wisdom tooth is extracted, you have to take proper measures for some time.